Meera Weds Vasu Part 20

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What you doing Pa ?Deena queers nonchalantly .Where is ‘ARE’ Deenu ? Vasu asks with suppressed smile spreading on his lips .You call me Deenu is that alright Pa …I will have to report this to Aunty Ma …‘Call me Ma ’Deena , Meera coming through his home office says cheerfully .Aunty Ma….I mean Ma….. Look na, Pa is calling me Deenu ….scold him na .Under one condition that “You will speak  to your Pa in proper English”

“OK Ma ”Deena says enthusiastically and goes inside her room to play .

“Paper Quailing ”Meera queers by propping her head over his shoulder .

‘Hmm’ Vasu replies with a smile in his eyes.

“Thanks for employing me here otherwise… ” Meera says with a grateful smile .

“Meera…. don′t  you feel like going home to parents or.. don′t feel ashamed of sharing a flat in Vishal Galaxy building  with a single father Vasu, Meera completes his say mockingly ”.


Vasu , I  don′t  have any more  dreams or desires as all of them(in my case)   have crushed down  like a  iceberg being crushed  into piece only for  producing mind -blowing golas .

Ah! What a kind of simile you have used here ..“Does that mean …… hmmm”Vasu teases her without battling  his eyes .Got it know ! then stop giving me those cocky looks now   .

So you mean I am the gollawala who is producing a mind -blowing gola for   myself to enjoy , isn′t it Meera .Hmm..Meera says and  snuggles closer to him , as they see stars from the balcony of  their flat in  Vishal Galaxy  building .

This makes Vasu very happy and  pressing her body against his  “Madame, you are my dream girl ”Vasu whispers this statement  into Meera‘s ears and she blushed like a teenager in love for the first time .

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5 thoughts on “Meera Weds Vasu Part 20

  1. Meera told Vasu ” If I were the ice and you were the golawala, i do not mind having a crush on you, i.e. being crushed by you. After all, you made me melt. You crush me so carefully and mercifully.” The very nature of Vasu showering love and affection on Meera took her by storm.

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