Character Visualization Exercise 4 : Couple Dance

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“Samyukta yaar…..this is not done ” Jai Mehta says in an irritated tone .What not done  hmm……., you must be  very well aware of the fact that after Aditya′s death I  have lost interest in  “Couple Dance ”.

O.K. So mourn about  him and let me go and enjoy the party .Haan  Haan you has stopped you from going and enjoying the party hosted by  the‘ Ahujas’ , Samyukta says this in a teasing voice .

Jai  in a mock angry leaves for the ball room to jive along with  Ahujas′s daughter Nimi. When they reached the ballroom Nimi just stares at in delight without making any move .

At that time Samyukta’s mind and heart echoed Aditya’s words “Dearie , remember  to do Salsa or close dance with some one your  mind and heart should be ready to trust that someone unconditionally , then only our body will  flow to rhythm of  the soft  music  being played in the background ”

Seeing Jai finding it difficult to handle Nimi ′s behaviour .Samyukta offers herself to him .

This makes him feel  good  and happy  to see Samyukta  coming back to normalcy and then they jive together for  a life long time  by getting  hitched to each as their body , mind and intellect wanted some more …………  from them 

With lots of Love

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