Vasu’s early morning ritual

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“ Hmmm…..Pa…..Five minutes more please ”Kiara snuggling under her covers says  but knowing her father′s  loving nature  she  forcibly gets up and sits on the bed to hug him .  Once she finishes with her every morning ritual of ‘HUGGING’ her father  .Kiara wearing her pink flip flop   ,tightening her night robe and clipping her hair up , she marches towards the kitchen where her mother is preparing  early morning drink of ‘wheat -grass juice’ for all .Kiara hugs her mother Meera  from behind and frown at drink which her mother forces her to drink .

Drink Baby Drink —-The Healthy Wheat Grass Juice ! Vasu says this  by winking at his wife .

Meera  blushed at his statement and  gets ready to leave the kitchen for a morning jog in the nearby jogger′s park  .

Ma….today I will come along with you for jog , is that O.K. with you na  ?Kiara questions

Meera  coughs a lot words . And laughs aloud by pointing toward her  .

When Kiara  is close to tears , Meera knees down and says “My child , I  am luckiest person to get a heath freak   Vasu  (your father ) as my  husband cum fitness manager and today you will also  join us …..  Thus this is happiest day of life .”And Regarding the  history of Wheat Grass Juice I will tell  you the real story behind  this  drink  and how and when  it entered our  lives once we reach the jogger ′s park .

Pa ,Do  you believe in morning rituals ?and

what does ‘Morning Ritual’mean, by the way ?  .Kiara questions him as they  enters the nearby jogger′s park 

Hearing these questions Vasu smiles at his daughter and get ready to  expound about  it in the joggar′s park after jogging around the park for 40 minutes .

Vasu says looking at his daughter Kiara “Yes  I do believe  in ‘Morning ritual ’,  but …I  can′t  tell you regarding that  in great detail as it should be understood by a person ”.

Any-ways by ‘Morning Ritual ’I  mean all  those activities which you  love to do  early in the   morning …….. not getting my point.

“Kiara Beta, All those  activities  that energizes our sweet body” Vasu says these words by keeping  her two soft  palms  on his lap.


‘Yes , Got It your point  !’, Pa now lets go home na………. she moaned .

Vasu  too nodes by warmly smiling at himself .

On reaching  home, Vasu kisses Meera passionately  in front of Kiara by embarrassing her.

Oh pops this is your morning ritual ! Kiara exclaiming winking at  Vasu.

Ha ha …..Vasu laughed not only that but also  having a cuppa of tea with her , he says as he shuts the door behind them .


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6 thoughts on “Vasu’s early morning ritual

    1. Roshan , I have observed this sentiment of closeness and love in all Gujarati families here as they live in big joint families ….but whereas the others prefer to live as nuclear family i.e mein , mere patti aur mera baccha. Isn’t it true ?.
      I penned this emotion in this post because I want to be one amongst them .
      Have a nice day !
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂 .

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