Character Visualization Exercise no 5 : Grammar Freak and Rose Day

Photo Credit : www
Photo Credit : www

“ Look  Mr . Grammar freak , see the sentiment in this letter ” Jai says as he gives the handwritten letter  to his friend Krish —The Best Selling Author .

Just Shut upp Jai! Krish exclaims  and throws the  handwritten letter in trash …..This up-setted Jai  a lot  and he leaves his house by swearing ‘That he will never come to rescue Krish in a dare situation even if he calls him for help’.

By hurting Lavanya during their annual meet at Infinity Mall  was not what  he expected out of his  best friend  Krish .At that time  a thought crosses through his mind and  Jai immediately calls his finance Ash for help  in this regard .

Ash , sweetie can we meet in nearby Cafe Coffee Day  outlet as I  want  to talk to  you regarding Krish ′s  attitude towards  Lavanya , Jai says  this and keeps the phone  back in his jeans pocket.The moment Ash reaches the nearby Cafe Coffee Day outlet ,he hugs her and cries like a helpless  baby  who has got hurt in such place where  he is unable to point out to  .

Ash hugs him tightly  by saying “We have to launch Lavanya′ s work   today on Rose Day socially  via Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Pinterest and Tumblr extensively , so that we can  divert  the attention of his fan towards Lavanya  work and that will make him realize the  mistake of hurting Lavanya  ”

“But how ?”Jai questions her pensively .

Hmmm………….Much before Ash could respond to his request .


‘I  will ’ a voice said .They turned their eyes to see .

‘Amitabh Bachchan ……………’Ash screamed in delight .

To participate  in this  prompt , please read the Guidelines  given in this link below

Character Visualization Exercise : Guidelines

With Lots of Love and Hugs

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