Kiara’s love for Teddy Bear

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Kiara holds her teddy close to her chest  feeling very clammy in her friends party  ,here Vasu sitting at home feels so  restless about  his doll. Because he  let his doll Kiara go  out to her  friend‘s party  so late   at  11 pm as this world is not  reliable like  those days …So without telling Meera   ,he sneaks out of the house  and goes to Kiara′s friends party    .And  now from ….a distance  Vasu sees Kiara holding a Teddy  which he  had gifted her on  Valentine′s week  last year .

Vasu feels a bit relived and warmth spreads in his heart as he observes his daughter′s behaviour  because “Good Parenting is not only providing them with  ‘Good Sanskar’   but also to see your children follow it ”.

After the party , Kiara ′s eyes shine  in delight  when she sees her father Vasu from  a distance. She runs shouting ‘Happy Teddy Day !’ ‘Pa……… my real Teddy ’Kiara says by  hugging him  with tears of gratitude rolling down her cheeks .

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