Character Visualization Exercise no 6 : Love

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Define L.O.V.E. Andy and in front of these people .

Ah! that′s  very simple  , Andy says shrugging his shoulders  casually .Please clap your hands for Mr .Andy —The great story teller  whose story telling capacity has made  him  ‘Unique’  in his own way and  welcome  him to our  college ‘The Sunina Shikshan Samastha’.

Hmmm…. Good Evening  ! Ladies , Gentle Men , Girls and Boys .Today is Valentines day  and it is important day for you all lovers because some of you   may propose a person in your life  or some of you may dispose a person  from your life  .

For me …………


“Love is strength that gives us the ability  to stand on our own feet  and enjoy life with a person who loves and cares  for me….. I mean for other sex  ” he says with his eyes as his mind reminded of Ash ′s quote before they parted ways amicably.

The podium and audience applauded at his words  but his heart thundered for Ash. Rubbing his tears off  , he accepted their applause with great enthusiasms . 


Jonathan  watching  Andy  closely , in monosyllabic language  he addresses his wife Aadarshini to call up Ash quickly  for Andy  sake .

Aadarshini calls up Ash and request her  to bring Yashini her daughter  to the college ASAP.Ash immediately comes over with  Yashini to ‘The Sunina Shikshan Samastha’ college .

When Ash reaches the college ,her eyes collide with Andy  and sparks fly  in air .And then the magically kissed happened in front of Aadarshini, Jonathan , Yashini and the students of  ‘The Sunina Shikshan Samastha’ college .

To participate in this week ′s Character Visualization Exercise please click  and read on  guidelines in the  link given below .

Character Visualization Exercise : Guideliness

With lots of Love

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