Vasu Weds Meera Part 19

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“Vasu………… I  am moving in with you permanently ”Meera says by pressing her forehead in frustration as well as anticipation .

“Any-time Madame” Vasu says with a glint playing in his eyes and even Deena would like  to see all time  as she loves you a lot .

“Thank you jaan ”Meera says by kissing his lips passionately without knowing Deena ‘s entry in her office  cabin .

Suddenly Vasu  feels two tiny hands wrapped around his left leg and holding it tightly. Looking down  he sees Deena playing with the edges of his pant .

Oh my sweet Barbie Deena ! Vasu exclaims and gently  picks his doll up from the floor. Meera too plants a soft kiss on her chubby cheeks .

Deena wraps herself around her Aunty Ma sorry …..sorry…. now  her Ma with affection . This feels so nice to Meera and her eyes gets filled up with ‘Tears Of Joy ’as she always yearned to have a family of this sort .This dream remained unfulfilled for years ,because  few years ago  Meera  was left alone in this world by her loving  parents and her foster parents did not care a bit for her as they only loved Meera′s  property of four million $ which her parents  had preserved for her .But then Meera was lucky as her stars supported her , when she decided to throw a bomb about ‘her property been  gifted  to Mr. Lalwani  who runs a school for slow learners , for the expansion of his school ’ on foster parents and at that very moment this bloody society  termed her as a  ‘Heart – Breaker ’ by turning her life upside down . 

Today  being with her boss cum finance Vasu and his child Deena makes her feel awesome as they loved her in a way she never have expected …..

This is because  of Meera‘s generosity  and  giving attitude , she got Vasu′s back  after facing so many hurdles .

Mr.Lalwani  says these things after he receives an awards‘ for excellence in the field of  education ’ at IIFA  and before leaving the podium  he quotes “In everyone′s life there should be a generous person like Meera and supportive lover like Vasu whose support has made me a hero……….. ” Thank you very much MEERA and VASU .You both are truly divine and you both are the cause and effect of my good health as well as my healthy heart .

Love you Both .

Kudos to Ms Meera for being so  generous !

 “Written for the Blogging Community: An initiative by The Book Club

With lots of Love

Author N 
# For Healthy Heart


4 thoughts on “Vasu Weds Meera Part 19

    1. Oh lovely to hear it Mary ! 🙂 because there a lot of people here have an averse for reading such stories as they feel that they know everything regarding love for the family and visa versa .
      Happy Sunday !

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