Character Visualization Exercise no 7 : Beach Romance

Photo Source : Priyanka.S. Menon

Disclaimer : Beware ! Beware ! Beware ! I  am not endorsing a product for Priyanka  ,because the pictures and background looked  awesome  I  choose it  for this week′s Character Visualization Exercise/ Prompt  . OK  now  , lets start with  writing for the exercise given above .


‘Jai…….’Dr. Shaghamitra  aka Misty calls out his name  as she gets into  labour.The pain is so excruciating that her nails makes crazy  marks on his shoulder  .Jai did not know  what to do in this situation?, he panics  a lot  and   immediately dial′s   his father Dr. Professor  Shashank Mehta′s mobile number   .Stunned is Dr. Shashank Mehta on hearing  Jai′s voice  and so…. he takes few more minutes to respond  .

“Dad I  need  your help to get Misty rid of of her labour pains which she has  acquired suddenly due to  contractions ..” Jai says balefully

Where are you son ? Dr Shashank Mehta enquired hoarsely

“Dad….err……we are on the beach ” Jai says this in panic as Misty become unconscious in front of him .

Throwing  his cellphone down , he rushes towards  her ex -wife  shouting Mistu Mistuuuuu  wake up .Jumping on his knees  Jai lifts her up effortlessly  and smashes some water on her face as he lay Dr. Shagamitra on the bed of the beach .

Her eyes flicker a lot .And then suddenly a thought strikes  and forces him to create a bathtub for her. He removing his T- Shirt and Trousers , Jai becomes a bathtub for his lovely ….darling ex -wife Dr. Shagamitra.

“Oye Mistu , get up and lie on me like a Queen  ” Jai says smilingly .

With her clenched   fist she lays her on him , Jai starts  caressing the baby bump  and in a low thick voice he says “Misty , please push  … can push……. ummm…push”.


Dr. Shagamitra starts losing breath and is about collapse  at that time  his lips touches  her lips by making her feel alive .

Jai…… here  she comes 10………..9……………8…………..7………….6…………….5…………4…………..3………….2……….1………..0, he says as Misty gives her final  best push….

Finally her water breaks and baby smoothly arrives into the world .With the medical scissors   which he finds in her doctor′s jacket Jai cuts the umbilical  cord  carefully with shaking hands  by making the baby cry aloud. Slowly she picks and wraps the baby in one of her mother′s  old saree  and keeps on her side .Feeling very week , she gets up  slowly  and Jai picks his  baby daughter up  with  a warm  smile .

Coming  out off the beach  bed  he  says “Congrats Mrs Mehta ,  we have become parents of this beautiful angel ”

“Thanks ” she responds with her eyes widening up in delight .

And  then he bends down to kiss those shining eyes .

To participate in this exercise please follow the guidelines by clicking on to the link given below.

Character Visualization Exercise : Guideliness

And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely cool  batch   given below after writing  your story.


Character Visualization Exercise
Character Visualization Exercise
With Lots of Love,
Author N

8 thoughts on “Character Visualization Exercise no 7 : Beach Romance

    1. Thank you Alana for the kind words of appreciation :-). Sometimes my heart forces me to pen such stories that surprises me a lot …! . I guess we should follow our hearts to pen down ,wonderful stories that creates waves like your blog creates …. 🙂
      Have a great day !

  1. I actually think that was a lovely idea and pretty unique too: one for the idea behind becoming the tub and more importantly, making the ex-hubby the one doing it. That is sweet and shows a side of relationships we seldom see. definitely works with #TheOneThatGotAway theme.

    1. Thank u Roshan for appreciating my views expressed in this post! . Actually I feel every man should understand “What and Why a woman goes through such pain , right from teenage to womanhood ? 🙂

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