Meera Weds Vasu Part 22

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‘Vasu………….’Mr. Lalwani  half turning himself around says .Hmm …. yes ! Me , Myself here , Vasu teasingly says by pulls his leg in front of audience .“This stage is all yours Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Mrs Sidhwani exclaims as she palms off ‘The Best Actor  cum Entrepreneur Award ’.The moment when Vasu  receives  ‘The Best Actor  cum Entrepreneur Award ’ , the female co host  Rica of XZSA awards night makes a face .

“So this flop actor is getting a royal treatment , what is the secret  behind this Mr . Flop Actor Vasu ?” The female co host Rica queers looking at the audience and  then Mr. Lalwani and Mrs . Sidhwani .Mr.Lalwani stares at her with great vengeance and Mrs.Sidhwani tries to change  the topic by saying ‘Oh ! Rica dear…………. ’after that  the follow appreciate words did  not  come that easily because Vasu immediately responds to Rica‘s question playfully “Oh I  have the charisma still intact to impress people around me ”all thanks to my lady luck Meera….devi…

After hearing his words audience burst into pearls of laughter and clapped their hands in joy .This response from the audience makes Rica go red and pink in anger ..and she slowly leaves for the backstage .

Half an Hour later , Meera gets a call from Vasu conveying his ‘Thanks ’ to her .Then in her own style Meera responds  “ Sir , How did you feel after being showed as  shallow person ?”.

Disgusting it feels !  Vasu pale-fully says these words as he enters  his car .But our long battle with our family  made me feel ‘used to it ’ and so  now these kind of statements , do not upset me any-more….Now I  am reaching home soon   to hug you  please make something special for me  ,sweetheart   .  

Something special hmm……….., Meera says wickedly and blows a hot kiss via her phone and his driver Vivek smiled at his boss warmly …

With Lots of Love

Author N



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