Character Visulization Exercise no 8 :Menstruation and Dance

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“Ash…..” Vikram the ad man raising his eyebrows queers .

“Sir….. It seems my due date has come closer”Ash holding her palms on the left  abdomen replies with tears rolling down her cheeks as Vikram mutters a curse regarding her endless problems .Hearing his uncensored ruthfull words , Ash enters her green room by barking orders to  Sushi   Vikram ′s Assistant Director  to bring in hot cuppa of masala tea .Shutting her green room tightly she close to tears and curses her  stars for giving such cramps along with pain in this unearthly hour .

Vikram being a man could not understand  menstruation and its side affect  and so he decided to continue shooting his AD  Film with a leading model Lisa Seth  .When Lisa Seth dropped in on his set , Vikram , Sushi and rest of crew got busy with the shooting .Ash who waited and waited for her masala tea falls unconscious on ground  in her green room which she leaves ajar before falling ,Nimi who jumping all around the set shouts ‘Koon ’ and this sound of hers  alerts ‘Sushi’ .Sushi runs towards the green room and finds Ash the leading film actress in a pool of her own blood and unconscious .

Immediately she takes her to Dr.Goodbole ′s nursing home  and requests him to check Ash. After a through examination he says“Lucky Ash to get a friend like Sushi…… nothing to worry about , here are some medicines which she should take along with complete bed rest .”

“Complete Bed Rest Grrrh….. Doc, not fair on your part ”Ash lifting her oval shaped head says mockingly  .

Ha Ha ….., both Doctor and Sushi laughed aloud .Sushi can you do me a favour darling , Ash asks through her painfully eyes .

“Yes sweetheart” ,say what do you want me to do for you  ? Sushi enquires while scrolling  her back lovingly.

“Teach”Ash says massaging her left palm on her left abdomen .

“Who , What and Why ?”Sushi smiles at her knowingly .

“A lesson to Vikram the great Ad Man  Menstruation and dance are two different things  and  when a female get such cramps  her world comes to standstill as she has labour a lot of pain during those 4 days .Such  pain = Delivery pain ”Ash says  and adds on  but if  he does not understand it poke a needle into his most  sensitive part to experience our pain .

“No need yaar ! , he has continued the shooting  of his Ad  Film with Lisa Seth – the leading model  without making an apologe to  you ”Sushi says painfully by making Ash laugh

Great !  Ash says by hugging her back with a hot water bag. Dr. Goodbole who make rounds , finally comes to her room with the discharge papers .

Bidding her good byes to him and the nursing home staff for taking  such a good care of her … she goes home to take complete  rest….The moment she enters her house  ,her friend Sushi welcomed home by lighting sweet aromatic candles all over the house , after a while Sushi leaves  Ash′s house for the set ..where the shooting for Vikram′s ad film is  still  going on .On reaching the set Sushi laughs at Vikram ,a helpless ad man frowns at her in dismay and shouts at her “Sushi …..please help  me in handling Lisa Seth ′s temper tantrums ! ”

In response to his request Sushi says  “Now , you understand Ash′s plight and any-ways no women will act weirdly otherwise …..expect for shallow women like Lisa  Seth  who left your first ad film  abruptly  and then ….at time Ash had came to rescue from the ever abusing  producers .Remember !  ” .

Few days later after realizing his mistake , Vikram goes to Ash′s house with  bouquets full of pink roses which is favourite flower with a ‘Sorry ’ card  attached   on it and a box full dry fruit chocolates along with his daughter Nimi .On reaching her house Nimi gives Ash  the bouquet  and dry fruit chocolate box as a gift with Vikram coming behind Nimi muttering his apologies by kissing her lips and her forehead.

I  am publishing my Character Visualization Exercise  no 8  a little early   so that you all will have more time to write for the prompt  .

To participate in this please check the link  given below  for the guidelines

Character Visualization Exercise : Guidelines


The icing on the cake is the batch code given below ,please do add the batch code after penning your story down  then only your story will be considered.

Character Visualization Exercise
Character Visualization Exercise
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6 thoughts on “Character Visulization Exercise no 8 :Menstruation and Dance

    1. Thank you Inderpreet 🙂 . I too hope that they will understand a women’s or girl’s difficulties some day and stopping questioning about cramps and how does it feel . Any-ways your website looks pleasing to my eyes. Congrats !.

      Thanks for dropping by .

  1. Hahahahaha I could hardly go past the picture… I even sent that to my friends… Loved the way you have written it. Few men do understand… But some are just clueless as to how to react…

    1. Thanks Danny:-) . Only a few men like you have the courage to speak openly about it …And others do not want to talk or understand what is Menstruation all about and its side effects on women health ..

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