Meera Weds Vasu Part 18

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Miss Meera Joshi  , will you marry us   Vasu asked by kneeling down on his left knee, holding  his Little Baby  Deena and  in return she is holding a ring for her Pa.

Hmm………..Merry Christmas .What Merry Christmas ? Little Deena and Vasu give quizzical glances at her statement .Finally ….after  debating/scratching his hair , he asks her what ‘Merry Christmas ’means in this situation .

To this Meera smiling  replies ‘Because it is a Joyous moment ’ for me and today being ‘Christmas Eve ’ you have  finally proposed your love for me today …..It  feel like Merry  Christmas Today . Ah ! in that sense   dear , Vasu exclaims and gets up by giving his Little Doll Deena to Meera .

Rithika who sees this scene  is astonished and shouts‘You…………… ’while marching towards them with a knife .Meera who is black belt in karate expertly removes the knife from her claws and slaps her hard on her left cheeks.

Later on ….Puffing for breath Meera angrily spats at her by saying ‘Rithika , it is youuuu and you alone who stole my love from my claws without my knowledge  and ….today you are trying to attack me on what ground madame  may I  know ? or ….because of Vasu ′s intelligent brain told him  to think about me me….’.

Because …..that day Vasu had come feeling awe full about the things that were happening with him  and ….I  had no choice but to accept him , Rithika said tersely .But then ….why did you made a blunt statement that I  crave for Vasu  money and power hmm…..Can you remove that darken spot by leaving us alone now ….

Vasu tried to intervene in this matter but failed as his Little Baby Deena  questions Rithika about her existence in their lives. “Why should I accept you as my mother? ”.Rithika is too stunned to react and keeps mum for the longest time .Little Baby Deena proceeds further by saying “Even if my Pa wishes to come back  to you by marrying his love Meera Joshi  just for sake correcting his Casanova  image  which he had made in business market then ….also loss would  be Meera aunt′s  as  her heart would be once again broken  into shreds .”

Bas Baby….Shhh and Meera goes away from the sight .Sitting in the park  with Little Baby Deena  she just close her heart and smiles to  herself by caressing Deena′s hair .Deena   is fast asleep  by muttering  jiggle bell’s song  .


Tears trickle down Meera‘s eyes as her dream of being somebody ′s wife and somebody′s mother has been broken into pieces several times  by the great gambler Vasu …..

Meery Chirstmas Deenu…. !she exclaims and goes further inside the park and  sits on bench there to enjoy cool breeze .

A dream appears then ,“ where  she lives in Alaska with her husband Vasu , Deena and twin boys Akash and Arvind….playing around the bond fire with snow balls…and having some cookies .”

Suddenly the dream breaks as she could hear the foot steps of Vasu and his girlfriend Rithika. Opening her damp  eyes  , she looks at him with Little Baby Deena  sleeping on her shoulders .  Rithika…tries yelling at her by saying “Don′t you dare to ..’’and snatches her own daughter ruthless by making  Little Baby Deena  cry out loud .

Few years later , Vasu reconciles with his life and leads a normal life with Rithika . But…….one day he receives a note saying “Sorry family”.Stunned is Vasu and Rithika as they read the two lettered note sent via a post man.They run to her college only to find  that Deena and Meera almost dead saving a million lives by the accidental fire that erupted in the college.

One part of Vasu′s  heart  fails and with the other part he tries to revive both of them by calling his friend Dr. Vishal , as usually Dr .Vishal does not come on time , but when he did arrive on the spot he does not treat them because he  had once willed to take a revenge on Vasu  for not accepting his sister Rithika love  properly .

Today Vasu, begs  in front of Dr. Vishal  to give life to both of them .Both Rithika and her  brother Dr. Vishal laugh a loud  by making Vasu…feel helpless and finally when Vasu decides to save Meera and his daughter ′s  Little Baby Deena life .Thunder strikes in the blue  skies by  making everyone wonder in shock as to “What′s wrong with this whether today…….” .

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