Shirley Arrogance makes her pay



Look Vasu dear , Don’t be proud of your ‘Happy Family’ image , Shirley says through her gritted teeth as everyone around her is highly talking about Vasu’s love for his family .
Lucky Saberwal a A -listed Bollywood Hero is her fiancee , this fact makes her arrogant and pig headed .
But one day during their college reunion party , Lucky Saberwal looking at Meera simply makes a statement that “Meera looks awesome even at this age”Not wonder …..our lovable Vasu who is entrepreneur cum author cannot takes his eyes from her .
Hearing these words Shirley mocks at him and says “ Hmm….what so great about her , and any-ways she is coming from a class which is not up to mark according to me”.
“She belong my class”Lucky painfully says .
Meaning “Shirley , I too come from Meera’s class and today you are willing to marry me only because……I have power naa….” he says peacefully.
There is no use of taking to you Ms Shirley , as you are not made of pure heart but you are made up of sticky and muddy money because of which you are not able to differentiate between good ,bad and ugly .

Saying so he leaves the place .Lucky ! Lucky! her shouts reverberated the room .Feeling helpless she cries a lot as realizes “ How aimless is she?”

In this form Shirley arrogance make her pay for the attitude she throws at people around her.
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With Lots of Love
Author N

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