Character Visualization Exercise no 9 : College Drama

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Nishant  and Rita Mehta were best friends from the time  their father′s  had become the  MD′s  of ‘Sharada Institution of Fine Arts ’a very old college .This college was formed by Saurabhi′s mother Sushi Joshi Kapoor  -a great teacher cum socialite who was married to Mr .Jay Mehta Kapoor -a legendary actor .But….this college went out of her claws ,when Rita Mehta′s mother Swaroopa Mehta  snatched the empire from Sushi by making false claims due to the big J  she had for Sushi′ s progress  .

This hurt Sushi and Jay Mehta′s feelings and they left India  and got themselves settled in  U.K. with her daughter Saurabhi who was 10 years old by then.And from that day Jay stopped acting and Sushi stopped teaching , instead they become counsellors for those people who had problems in lives like Martial, Physical ,Psychological and Social.

Saurabhi started growing  up  like a carefree bird in sky .One day Saurabhi asked her father Jay Mehta Kapoor “Pa, why do not you allow me to go to the country where I was born”.

With a mild irritation , he shouts at Saurabhi and says “No means No  Sau……!”

With a heavy heart , Saurabhi goes to her room and tries to find out the real  reason for  her parents displeasure .

Meanwhile Nishant in India with a great annoyance for Swaroopa Mehta in his heart works for her  but one day he leaves Rita Mehta and by  picking up the sketch of boy holding a pencil which was once made by 5 year old Saurabhi in his hand Nishant  says “Ritaaaaaa, Saurabhi and her family are the pearls in oyster and we are frauds or whatever you may call to have snatched a property like a paper which will gets crumbled  over a  period of time  when we hold it tightly ….understood …..just forget it! he expressed his exasperation by pushing her shoulders  and then swiftly  walks out of  the college   without giving backward glance”

Swaroopa Mehta who sees Nishant leaving her daughter Rita  feels a little threaten and tries pacifying her daughter Rita  by speaking with a   ‘Meethi Vani ..’

One day Saurabhi finds her parents coming towards her while sketching the outside beauty on the drawing board .Hmm…Beta we want to reveal something about why we are so apprehensive of sending you to India- your birth place  .

Pa do not be like the  round round  jaelabi , please come straight  to point . ‘Beta….’both Sushi and  Jay Kapoor  stammered for the right words .

Taking her eyes off  the drawing board Saurabhi enquires “Pa is it about  the college drama that happened some 20 years   and how it went out of mother ′s claws do you want speak regarding that naa , I  now it ”.

Beta…‘Yes’ but how did you come to know about it .

Hmm….your kiss dairy revealed it .Which dairy ? Jay asks her playfully with a twinkle in his eyes .

Pa , Grrrhhh..

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“The book containing this photo revealed it to me that day itself ”, Saurabhi mockingly says as she placed the kiss dairy on his palms .And for me this whatsapp message

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from Secret Lover speaks a lot of volumes about your  relationship with Nishant.., Jay Mehta Kapoor says with chest fuelled up with pride as he knew her Secret Lover -Nishant′s heart .

Saurabhi hugged her father  when she reads the  message sent by her Secret Lover -Nishant  and could feel some manly arms wrapping her back ,turning her  head  to see who is  the person …Nishant ! she shouts .And they all laugh aloud at her eyes roll on expression . 🙂

To participate in this exercise please follow the guidelines by clicking on to the link given below.

Character Visualization Exercise : Guidelines

And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely cool  batch   given below after writing  your story.


Character Visualization Exercise
Character Visualization Exercise

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