Meera’s Emotional Feed by Vasu

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‘Vasu….’ Meera says with a quirk .Crying she wraps herself around him .

What happened sweetheart ! Vasu exclaims .His sweet entwining voice made her feel vulnerable .

“Hmm….am I  not that good match maker or what ?  😦    ” Meera questioned him by looking up with her wet swollen eyes .

Look I  married you , on the grounds of the fearlessness with which you fought with me for your right even though Kiara wanted me to become her father for longest  time.Your remember…that 

‘Yep’, but why are reminding me about that ?Meera surprisingly asks him with a twinkle in his eyes .

Ah! because at that time you without having fear in your heart said ferociously that “I have the guts and strength to take care of my doll Kiara ”.

After the way in which you behaved weirdly with me,  Meera added before breaking apart from him.

Whenever I required confidence , I will huge you Mr. Raj Desai  alias Vasu .

Vasu hooted laughter re-vibrated and rejuvenated her entire being .

With Lots of Love,

Author N


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