Character Visualization Exercise no 10 : A Brother -Sister Relationship

Dad just stop it with this nag nag of yours that ‘shaadi shaadi  kab karogi  as your time is ticking away !’.Suhaani exclaims  and shakes her head  in ‘ No’ by feeling ridiculous about her father Vivek  Mehra ′s thinking  .

“I  am going to office now see you  later  , Pa…. ”she says as she wears a pair of funky sandals.

“Heya Sandy ..has boss reached the office ”Suhaani keeping her handbag with a thump enquires him by panting badly for breath  .

“Chai ! ” Sandy asks her as he gets up from his cubical to go downstairs  .

“Yes, along with two cup cakes ” Suhaani smilingly replies to his asking and starts digging her purse to find her favourite hair  clip and lip gloss .Once she finds it  , Suhaani leaves a breath in whoosh! and relaxes by keeping the purse underneath the computer table .

Later on   she takes a business  class client‘s  file  to cross check the details filledin  by the client at that time Sandy comes up  with a tray full of savouries and ice cream instead of Chai and two cup cakes .Seeing the tray , Suhaani asks him “What is this ?”by raising her eye brow.

Hmm…..this is sweet breakfast will  uplift your dull  mood , Sandy says balefully .

How did you come to know ki that I  terrible upset with something  young man ?Suhaani asks him by  looking at him with a very terrified   glance .

Yo……..ou….. know na….“Shush! I know everything ”Sandy says as he touches her juicy glossy lips very inanimately.But….she says and cries a lot on his chest .Sandy caressing her hair says “Suhaan, every father -daughter ′s relationship  is like foam  that is made of core soft on one side and hard on the other side and  it is up to us to choose the right side for our own good  baby…”.Coming out of his fold , Suhaani′s spirits gets risen up and she works .In the meantime Veer who enters his cabin see this sight and crinkles his nose .But when Suhaani does not enter his cabin to give her business class client ′s file for signing , his fears increases as Veer is Suhaani′s younger who left her and her family without a say because his father Mr. Vivek Mehra did not understand his taste , likes and attitude and in order to show who he actually is he leaves this country and settles himself in Berlin with his love Pooja and 2 year old daughter Mini  .Today  after seeing this sight he feels so ashamed that he feels like killing himself for not being there as a knight shining armour during Suhaani′s desperate  moments  like this .

Suddenly a shrill of his mobile phone snaps him back to reality as he presses the green coloured button to respond  “Sir , I  may not be coming to work for a day as somebody ….OK due to some personal reasons ” Suhaani standing in front of him says this after a brief pause as her  mind began to debate whether to say or not to say  the entire true  story 

As Suhaani leaves his cabin .Suhaani Di  ! Veer exclaims but it was too late as the doors of his cabin closes  forever  by creating a wall between them .

Veer realizes something wrong is going  to happen with Suhaani and so he calls up Sandy  his friend cum confidante who works with him in his office and requests him to hold on the chains of Suhaani′s life . And Sandy holds Suhaani′ hand  by making him feel good but this made their father Prakash Mehra  look down up them   .

One day while Veer sips his sweet masala chai  , Suhaani  enters the cabin by forgiving his rude behaviour towards her and their family  and hugs him tightly by crying into his manly shoulders  as “A brother-sister relationship is like a couple  having a relationship for the  longest time ”

To participate in this exercise please read the link given below for guidelines

Character Visualization Exercise : Guidelines

And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely cool  batch   given below after writing  your story.

Character Visualization Exercise
Character Visualization Exercise

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8 thoughts on “Character Visualization Exercise no 10 : A Brother -Sister Relationship

  1. Interesting characterization of Sahaani, the sis.
    The relationship between a bro-sis can be loving yet could be fragile as they grow up. Maybe cause of extended families around them 😛

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