Kaira’s night out with her best boy friend

Kiara who turns 15 yesterday is all set to go on a first  night out with her friends .Kiara ′s friends list consists of

  1. Kian
  2. Aaryaveera
  3. Krishnapriya
  4. Yahvi
  5. Vinisha
  6. Aryan
  7. Aarya

Reading the list she starts chewing her lips as Tejas Dada  now Dr. Tejas says entering their study room wearing his chunky flip flops “Ye ,bahut na hinsafy hai bhai!”

“Kyun na hinsafy  hai bhai !”Kiara asks him having an expression of  exclamation  mark .

Hmm…..because you never have considered me as your best boy friend , he says kissing her fore head .

“Dr. Tejas ….., I always wished to go on night out with you  but your ever filled diaries with X no of surgeries to be done on YZ  persons  mocks  at me  hmm that has caused me loneliness in my heart . And Dad is only one who always come to my rescue  that good in a way , but…………..”Kiara says with tears rolling down.

“Sweetheart …..Dad and Mom  though they have individual difference  , but their love  us more than themselves .So even if Shirley or any other lee…comes see how our  father Mr. Vasu VasantKumar Doshi stands in front of them to protect our mother′s Mrs. Meera Vasu name and identity along with us …as our Ma is a espresso matchmaker ”Tejas Dada says with a delight in his eyes 

…………it sounds like some kind espresso caffeetinoo coffee ,Kiara says .

Suddenly Meera steps inside the room and painfully says “Arree Kiara  baby….have′nt you left for party  still…waiting for Dad  to come to your rescue ”.

Oh Mom ! Kiara exclaims .

“What Oh Mom ? ”Meera asks her feeling  a bit pale and walks out of the room ,by making Tejas get up on his feet.Seeing a fallen piece of photo  ,Tejas is shocked to see his ‘Pa ’  posing half naked for a photo shoot which his mother Meera did not like it at all .

They stared at each other for several moments .

Before they set out  to pacify their mom —-Meera ′s lionise nature .Kiara and Tejas could hear the groans and moans coming out of the master  bedroom .They  realize that their superhero  has to their rescue again and on time.

Opening the door with  two walnut cake in  their hands 

they walked inside the master bedroom with  their eyes  shinning delightful .Seeing her parents staring at the night sky with Vasu′s arms around Meera′s shoulder , Kiara shuddered in delight “Let′s go on a night out with our  best boy friend”.

“Chalo , lets go….”Tejas says winking at her .And they went on a night out , leaving Meera and Vasu alone to enjoy reunion of their sort .


With Lots of Love,

Author N



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