Character Visualizatin Exercise no 11:The Lover In Him Is Back

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Kyra …..Please let us go to the doctor for check up, Vivaan says feeling very tensed .“No! Not! and Never ! the doctor shouts at me ”Kyra replies to him nonchalantly.

Accha let me see today,   chalo now ….Taking Kyra in his arms he walks towards his car. Placing  his doll Kyra in the back seat he sees Kinaari′s photo next to her .Irritated with his doll′s behaviour as he hates his ex-strangled  wife Kinaari  who left for him rich good looking single father Gaurav whose daughter Myra was the cause and effect Kyra′s condition .He screams at her and pulls the photo off the seat stamping  it under his shoes,  he drives to Dr. Sharmista Joshi′s Clinic .On reaching the clinic Kyra frown at him to his inevitable mischievous smile .

“Dr. Sharmista ”he asked at the reception as  Kyra slowly enters the waiting room .Dr. Sharmista sees him  throw the French windows of her cabin with  tears in eyes as she remembered Mr. Vivaan Hamilton rejection  over Kinnari Mehta  a super model .

Next…..she pressing the buzzer call her receptionist in.After the brief  buzzle at the door  the receptionist calls “Kyra Vivaan Hamilton” and thus Vivaan along with Kyra marches towards Dr. Sharmista Joshi′s cabin .

Dr .Sharmista checks the reports closely and says “There is quiet a lot of improvement in her leg movements  , but she has to wear the splint for 6 more months for a complete recovery if your daughter wishes that”and scribbles something on the  paper and then presses the buzzer after a very long time .Their eyes that met tentatively gets misted .She wished to hug and kiss  him   passionately so as to erase the dark cloud that formed in his eyes .

It is only in the night ,Vivaan calls Dr. Sharmista  only to have a chat session with her .Dr. Sharmista who is still in her clinic receives the call and thus from  there starts a lovely romance .

Dr Sharmista who started the conversation by using the formal pleasantries, sees him waiting down for her from her cabin  . But the moment after closing her shop she finds herself in Vivaan′s arm and he kissing   each and every body part  with passion as the lover in him is back with lot of ferociousness. Dr. Sharmista pushes him down by opening the front door of car and starts unbuttoning his shirt and trousers hurriedly as her  wish to touch him and erase his pain from his heart which Vivaan had been nursing for a very long time because Kinnari  had left him due to Kyra′s defect  has come true .Marry Me ,Idiot  !she says by giving him a reason to live life.

Character Visualization Exercise : Guidelines

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Character Visualization Exercise
Character Visualization Exercise

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