Meera weds Vasu Part 24

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Meera ……thank you , he says by wrapping an arm around her shoulders  while watching the waves jumping up and down .

Oh for what !Meera enquires .

Vasu shrugs his shoulders  upwardly.I  do not like your thank you′s just like that  ,so please stop it .  Any-ways my family loves you than…. just forget it ! she exclaims and resumes her job of watching  the jumping waves .

“Hmmm……I  am sorry  for not understanding your difficulties faced while handling your parents ” Vasu says with honesty shining in his eyes .

“It′s not O.K. to let your parents rule over your heart and says words which are hurtful.Parents have unduly taken advantage of they being parents of so and so kid  and their right to advice on the topics which we do not like is torture as they abuse their powers , I  would not do with my kids Get it ! ”Meera says twisting her nose in air .

This makes him laugh aloud and he shifts more closer  to her and with his other turns her head towards him by holding  her chin little above .Are you crying ?Vasu asks her with his misted eyes .

“Chal leave it yaar! and concentrate on something else as you do not know the side effects of living with parents for the longest time ..” Meera says with a glint of laughter in her eyes .And turns her head in the direction where her daughters Yashvi , Ritvika and Deena  making Happy Holi images  like this with their crayons laid  out on  the sand near to their seated parents .


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‘Deena’ being the eldest draws the outline of this drawing carefully because the paper should not get  spoilt as the water from sea started to come closer  to them .

Giving them their sheets . Yashvi and Ritvika starts  colouring  it .But by the time they could finish it,  Vasu picks them   with ease .His Chest fills with pride as the colour of darkness was eventually broken  after the  birth  of his dolls and from that day  it was ‘Holi Day ’ for them ….

And seeing him  carry her dolls with his eyes shinning with the sense of  fulfilment  by listening  to their  chirpy rants on random topics. She blushes a lot when her  eyes meets with his eyes laced with desired in it .Vasu leans forward and kisses her lips passionately .

When he does that her dolls closes their eyes with palms and scream ‘Yucky’ in chorus 

With Lots of Love

Author N



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