Character Visualization Exercise no 12 :Kiss and Ring

Photo Source : Aarti V Raman's Timeline
Photo Source : Aarti V Raman’s Timeline

“Jai Mehta what′s up with you these days ”Pinky Shah enquires as she offers soft drinks in a première  of movie called “Kiss and  Ring ”which is based on Jai Mehta′s forth coming book …In this movie Shalini Vohra  Jai′s distant relative an upcoming  actress is  being  featured opposite to Abhishek Mehta  , Jai′s notorious  son .But Jai was not happy with his own manuscript .So in order to make  his silent protest against the movie and its features he has come to the Première of the movie called  “Kiss and  Ring” .

Alas! he could not do anything about it as he could feel the silent threat to his married life  in the form of ‘Shalini Vohra’ who is nursing a crush on him for longest and is been pinned by his mother Bindu Mehta  who was , is and will be against Mrs . Shankutala Shah  who is free  minded Shah ! as she has allowed her children to live their life  , the way in which  they want…Pinky′s brother Tarun Shah who is the CEO of Shankutala Fine Arts  Gallery in London has established several schools having Indian  Value System  with Pinky′ s bestie Tinkle Doshi now  his wife .

But what Pinky has done with her life , he wondered  .Pinky though a doctor by profession has always scarified all her joys just for him to be happy  because he always felt a Big J  for her  being like this and her success and so he forced her leave everything by using  emotional blackmailing techniques which Abhishek his son did not like at all .

“Pa  you are behaving seriously like a girl…… ”Abhishek ′s words rang like a temple bell in his words .

Suddenly Jai gets up with thump and the decorated metal chair falls down on the left hand  side   by making Ting kind of sound .Holding Pinky and Abhishek ′s  glances he goes out in jiffy to the publication houses and makes some changes in his manuscripts of his forth coming book“Kiss and Ring ” secretly …Negative speculation about  this  movie starting doing rounds which Abhishek ignored as his all time hero his father ex -principal of Max Boys College and the best selling author of

Forever Kinda

   Jai Mehta Ki Kavitayian

Rings of Joy

Sanskrit Subhashitas

Kiss and Ring

Mr. Jai Mehta has started being like Mrs. Shakuntala Shah  , A free minded Shah! .He thinks aloud and pats lovingly on his father ′s back by  feeling very proud  …

Pinky who returns with three glasses of Masala Lime Juice   for them to beat the scroaching  heat is thrilled when she feels Jai lips on her diamond ring and lips as it makes her feel blissful .Pinky too respond to his kisses in passionate and hard crushing way .Abhishek seeing their love making clears his throat and makes his way to his bedroom with a smile playing on his lips .

To participate in this exercise please follow the guidelines by clicking on to the link given below.

Character Visualization Exercise : Guidelines

And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely cool  batch   given below after writing  your story.

Character Visualization Exercise
Character Visualization Exercise

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6 thoughts on “Character Visualization Exercise no 12 :Kiss and Ring

  1. High flyer story narrated like a pro and touching the emotions in a gentle way. This one deserves to take the shape of a book and a light read in the form of an entertainment cum high voltage package.


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