Meera Weds Vasu Part 23

Meer…yaar , this Shivatri  your fasting or what ?Vasu enquires pale fully as they have sex with each other .

‘Yes’but then why are you asking me such a question now?  hmm because after that I  will  be getting  a beautiful and kind husband like you….Meera  asks  with her  lips biting his juicy lips like it was  some kind of sweet  fruit 

‘Yep’ and any ways , why do you have to worry as I not going to live with  you …forever , Meera says with a  delight in her eyes  .

Look at me, Mister Chintamani Vasu ji  you have no idea how much I  love you dear  so please don‘t fret away by bring up such thoughts to your mind.. Again .But by the way why do you feel like that “I  am going to leave you  and go  to make another man my husband ”.

“Because… I  am not worthy of your love”Vasu says with his chest tightening up and covers his body with hers .

No….you are not that week , my dear friend its your male  EGO  that does not allow you to  make commitment of any sort and I  do not want your bare your soul for me  likes this ”Meera says it by wrapping her  arms around his shoulders and kissing his lips teasingly and hungrily .

With Lots of Love

Author N



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