Character Visualization Exercise no 13 :Memory Rewind

Photo Source : www.canstockphotos .com
Photo Source : http://www.canstockphotos .com

Yashu…..What happened  to you ?Kiara asks as she sits next to him during the psychology lectures .Nothing !Nothing !Bas I want to end my relationship with you as ….he abruptly ends it without giving her a proper reason.Smiling she went out of her seat and sat on the last bench  with tears in her eyes .She sends an what′s up message to her parents Meera and Vasu Shah . Mr. and Mrs. Shah after reading it feels bad about their daughter ‘s hurt and then Meera immediately types a message to her daughter

Oh my dear darling daughter ,

Do  not feel upset,

Do not cry my child!,

Do not fret away ,

We are standing behind  you ,

As love is ocean  of opportunities ,

Getting good marks should be your latest priority ,

As your M.A. exams are coming closer 🙂        ❤            .

And sends this message to Vasu and then Vasu forwards it to Tejas and Tejas feeling sad for his sister forwards it to Kiara .After few minutes , Kiara forwarded it to Yashvardhan — her love .

Yashvardhan who was about to get out of classroom .

Suddenly comes over to her desk and stares at her blankly blinking back his unshed tears .

“Sorry ”he says with a lump in his throat .

“ O.K.”Kiara says and gets ready to leave .

“Side Please ”she says trying to go.But he still stands there blocking her way .

Yashu…..please lets me go!!!, she request him.

“No!”Yahvardhan exclaims .

“Plea… people are seeing us” Kiara with a brittle voice tries saying it.Suddenly he puts his index finger on her lips and says “I  am sorry for my arrogant behaviour as my parents hate your family to an impossible extend  and then hen my relationship felt like an impossible mission  , so…… you left” she completes the statement for him and leaves the class room with a smile .

Because  today her relationship felt so real after the fight .

“Hey Yashvardhan…. still standing here not yet ready to meet Mummy and Papa ” Kiara enquires teasingly .

Oh ! Mrs. Yashvardhan Pathak is that you ….Turning towards her trusting their marriage album in her palms , he leans forward and kisses her lips passionately .

May we come in Mr. and Mrs .Pathak ! Mr. and Mrs .Shah along with Tejas exclaimed by breaking their reviver as Yashvardhan went into Memory Rewind Mode.

To participate in this exercise please follow the guidelines by clicking on to the link given below.

Character Visualization Exercise : Guidelines

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Character Visualization Exercise
Character Visualization Exercise
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