Vasu’s guilt is Meera’s gain

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Vasu knows what Meera wants from him but he could not give her that i.e.. ‘Love’ .After their marriage he had forewarned her from day -dreaming of him swiping her off the feet and feeding Meera   with her favourite home-made rasgulla. But seeing Meera lost in her own world makes his heart feel guilty tug for his action as his Espresso Match Maker has lost her Match Making interest only because people always questioned her ‘Do You Know How Does It Feel Like ‘.To answer this she had no clue ….and she represses her natural argumentative instincts to get down to the darn point. But off late she is not having an interest to argue with him over Vasu’s silly billy willy mistakes!

“Na Jaan Kahan Gayi Woh Zindagi” Vasu wonders tersely .But to his disbelieving eyes an arm wraps his shoulder from his left hand side .Turning towards the seated arms on his shoulders, Vasu sees his beautiful wife   Meera standing next to him and enjoying the expressions on his face .Darn you….Meera this cocky expression makes me feel vulnerable and wanted but….you are too scared of me, she says bale fully.

Ditch! Vasu exclaimed.

Oh my dear hubby has coined a new word called ‘Ditch’ lovely lovely, she says and moves on to do household chores with ease.

The moment she lifts the newspaper to keep it in the rack he blocks her way by saying                  “Madame lets go down for long walk ……..”

Vasu….what you need now! Meera exasperatedly asks him but he does not reply to her enquiries, instead he just takes her lips to his…and pushes her to wall against her body to deepen his kiss .  Once after Vasu deepens his kisses, he finds Meera playing with his back by making some crazy circles and removes his tugged T out of his faded jeans and touches his soft smooth skin of his lower back with tenderness to ease the guilt feeling from his heart.

The touch makes him go crazy and he just shed tears that could release the nurtured wrong attitude from his mind against sweet people like Meera .He cry relentlessly .And seeing him cries like a baby Meera laughs wholehearted.

This mocks him…. (To Be Continued)

With Lots of Love,

Author N


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