Character Visualization Exercise no 14 : ‘ Rules of Kissing’

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Hey…young man what′s up  with you these days ?Anasuya asks  standing next to him  on the podium of her best friend Pallavi  ′s Shaadi  …Nothing much as usual is Vijay ′s reply  to her question .

Oh I see !Anasuya says with small smile playing on her lips .

“Anyways , you tell me what′s up with you these days ”Vijay counter questions  her .

“Hmm…there is nothing much to say about my life , you know my mom is pressing me  to get marry any guy now  as she has seen my  love life go in trash can ” she says with a tear forming in her eyes .

Blinking back the tears she  walks down to the hall  by holding the too lengthy red lehengas with help of her fingers  by muttering a curse under her breath about Pallavi’s musing on‘ Love ’.

After wandering like a nomad for hours , she goes out to the lawn for  having a buffet   dinner  laid out there .While heaping the available food for herself suddenly she trips  on Vijay by spoiling his shirt .

“So sorry ….. I  did not mean to fall on  you purposefully ”she says by extending her handkerchief.

Vijay′s  mom  screamed and created a scene  and this forces her to leave the sight and hall immediately with tears in her eyes .On reaching home she removes her jewellery and her red lehenga and throws them in garbage  and shouts “Ma, I will not marry any guy which any of the elders of our family   will bring in  because I  been pitted over and over now ”.

Anasuya ′s heartbreaking sobs  starts becoming difficult to control  and that night her mother  decides  to seek Vijay′s help in this regard. Immediately the very next day she fixes a appointment with Vijay′s mother and asks for his hand for her Anasuya  because …. she could not see her daughter fading off like a dry rose flower in front of her .At around 4 pm she reaches  Vijay′s house approximately and   puts up the   proposal of Anasuya -Vijay Shaadi in front for her  but his mom  refuses it  and verbally abuses her family‘s lineage.

Vijay who overhears each and ever word spoken by his family feels a punch in his gut and leaves home for ever .

25 years later , Vijay returns to India from Amsterdam only to meet his  life long best friend Anasuya and her mom with whom he shares  a great rapport with  .

“Hello Aunty I  am back !”Vijay says while checking out of the Mumbai International Airport .

“Hey…..young man good to see you  here again ”Anasuya ′s mother responded in same vigour  as she the airport to pick him up and this makes her daughter feel embarrassed.

“Ma…….” Anasuya shrieked .

Suddenly Anasuya feels his passionate kiss on her parted glossy lips , sighing she asks  “Don′t you know the rules of kissing”.

“Oh ho my Desi Humboldt , you still are the same no change  at all  !”Vijay exclaims and turns his face towards his  MIL  who has an expression of inquisitiveness plastered on her face .

“Oh Ma, your daughter Anasuya  5 years ago  set the rules of kissing and that consists of no kissing in airports or  in front of your mom ”Vijay says watching the changing expression on her face .

Feeling Purple Ma, he asks her and  pulls  Anasuya by her waist .Anasuya seeing her mother′s  changing facial expression laughs  a loud and seeing this  they feel satisfied .

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Character Visualization Exercise : Guidelines

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Character Visualization Exercise
Character Visualization Exercise

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2 thoughts on “Character Visualization Exercise no 14 : ‘ Rules of Kissing’

  1. Nice idea, hadn’t expected the twist. You switch tenses quite a few times, and the story needs a bit of editing, but I like it.

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