Meera Weds Vasu Part 25

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Hmm….umm yaar  have you read  AVR (Aarti V.Raman) post on phone sex , Venkat Patel asks Vasu in his  house party  .

“OMG! not again Venkat  ask  Joshi or Dholakia kaka na regarding this   ” Vasu exclaims by getting up  on his heels from the bean bag on which he has been sitting for a while  .

“Grrh….” Venkat responds and pushes him off his shoulders when he sees Mrs .Chopra gushing into  his house  with her kitty party friends like the ocean water gushing to touch the shore .

Ummhaa   Venkat  darling  Mrs. Chopra air kisses him and by entangling   her fingers  with his smooth and  shampooed hair , she says    “Darrrrrrling you are perfect host ”.

Venkat feels awkward and turns his head towards Vasu  who begins to  play  a game  with his kids  Deena and Anvi   .Seeing him play with his children Venkat  too    wanted   to join them   in their play , but……

For a second Vasu sees Venkat and with trotting laughter  he says “Oh Mrs .Chopra  is that you , you are still  looking gorgeous babes  no change dear !  ”hearing  such a compliment Mrs .Chopra  facial expressions  changes  and to this  she responds in pleasing way  “Darling ….V  you are like the  red wine   giving energy to a depressed so like me ” and walks away to the nearest passing by waiter to have her share of red wine  .

Thank God Vasu  my dear friend you saved my life  today from Anasuya′s bestie ! Otherwise…, Venkat exclaimed  as he pours a glass of red wine for two and serves him .

While they were talking about random things Meera suddenly pushes everyone around her and starts drinking the red wine like water as Anasuya Mehta teases her  looks and love life  in public with Venkat eyes go in bewilderment and  then he stops Meera from drinking the entire contains of the bottle .Finally after  Anasuya finishes her  saying things about Meera and her love life , Venkat Patel snaps    at her for the   cruel behaviour and yells ‘Get Lost ! ’ by throwing out of their house .

With this the phone sex is dead .

Today with this  incident Vasu realizes “How cruelly he used to behave  with Meera when she wanted  to hear  some soul lacing words from him ..” and request Venkat to forgive Anasuya ′s behaviour  and bring her   to this  home he says pointedly by caressing his wife fore head .

And Venkat does it with help of his two nieces .


With Lots of Love,

Author N


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