Character Visualization Exercise no 15 : ‘Ambition and Dance’

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Krish drooled over Ambika – The Great India Model Working in U.K. whenever he sees her . But  Mallika Sarabhai   the local celebrity cum his childhood friend   who  loves him dearly is left with nothing as Krish is ready to leave his  country India  to Ambika′ country   [where she is currently working now  ] to woo and  settle down with her  wherever  and whenever she wants to…


Standing on the New Delhi  International Airport  lust swipes  over  Mallika and   she plants a kiss on his cheeks and lips .Stunned Krish does not know ‘How to react   to this action on her part ?   ’ and silently proceeds further by giving her a bear hug .

But on boarding the flight and after making some needful arrangements for himself  he settle down on his seat  with his eyes closed .The kiss of Mallika  flashed like a  movie scene  in his mind for  innumerable time  and this makes him grin a lot in wonder  .Then finally he decides to marry Mallika as his ‘Ambition ’ and ‘Dance ’ to woo and settle down with  Ambika -The Great Indian Model Working in U.K. could become a dreadful nightmare   because Ambika is not equal Mallika in any aspect .

Few years later after his marriage with Mallika   Krish pens 5 best selling books , he finds Ambika waiting with her cranky little daughter  in queue for an autograph of his latest release ‘Ambition and Dance ’.Suddenly when  she sees him  seated like a ‘King’ in posh sushi sofa , her  eyes are shocked and bewildered to see such a sight  and …..right words do not  come out properly  from her mouth  .Instead her cranky daughter shouts at him “Uncle….Sign  no …na…”He does oblige the little one′s request by signing the 5 books aligned in front of him with swiftness   and nodes in ‘Yes’ at Mallika who is thoroughly exhausted controlling  her twin boisterous daughter .After Mallika reaches him with her twin daughter .Krish hugs her – his wife Mallika Sarabhai ferociously  and give her a  passionate kiss as  they join  the kids playing around them  .This makes Ambika feel a bit awkward because ….she  got everything in platter before she could  ask    but not love  because never felt the need  for…and today she wished for some body to love her and her daughter beyond expectations  .Alas! though all this kind of stuff exited  in her life but she never valued them  as she got,  is getting and will be getting with one phone call to her father , the man who made what she did not wish   for .This only because of his greediness to earn name fame out of her  forced him to do so.

Putting on the pinkish glares  she goes towards the area where the kids and two elders  are  enjoying some splendid time with each other .Now with  a satisfied smile Ambika says  “Sweetie lets go….home ”.

And  makes her cranky daughter′s even more crankier and this  makes her laugh at her cranky daughter′s antics…

To participate in this exercise please follow the guidelines by clicking on to the link given below.

Character Visualization Exercise : Guidelines

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Character Visualization Exercise
Character Visualization Exercise
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