Character Visualization Exercise no 16 : Hearts Engaged

“Sameera beta  what are you  thinking about ?” Parth enquires raising his enormous solid head from the screen of his big lenevo  laptop on which he has been typing his love story  – a tale of two matured individuals who have done collectable mistakes during their hay days  by sitting  in his study room.

“Dad nothing  so important ”Sameera replies by giving him a plastic smiles .

“Oh I  see ”Parth exclaims and continues doing his work of typing out other half of  his love story .Sighing …she goes  out of his study room  to her bedroom and hugs her brown  teddy bear .

Her friends Vishaka, Jane ,  Arjun   ,  Samar  and Suraj have very nice -warm cosy family she thinks about it and shed two drops of tears on her teddy bear , because  she did not have  a cosy family like them as her father Parth   -The Great Indian Writer  did wish to have one after his wife died in front of him because of an argument started by her family . But now he has only a warm relationship with his assistant Seema  who supported him all through his dull times .

And now her father Parth -The Great Indian Writer  has  no  time to  enquire about ‘what and how she feels ?’.So she finally decides to go aboard to study  and never return her  lost paradise. Then she files a thesis and sends it across to ‘The London School of Business’. After reading  her thesis a professor of  The London School of Business  guides her throughout her journey  to  ‘The London School of Business’

Few weeks later Sameera emails  a letter to her father Parth -The Great Indian Writer  from her campus apartment .

Dear Pa,

I  regret to be your steadfast daughter .After my Ma  passed away , you never asked what or how I  am feeling after Ma′s sad demise  ?as you kept yourself busy with writing  some love stories that only you and Seema-your assistant could enjoy  reading it .Pa I  never want to comeback  home i.e.. my lost paradise and so stop searching for me .I am happy here in  ‘The London School of Business’ .

Love….No Sorry .

With Regards,



And presses the sends button thus the email  travels  him and again sends the very email  to all her friends by pressing the send button  .

When Parth open his account to check his emails  , his heart gets  crushed into several pieces when he  reads Sameera′s   email  because she never liked Seema his assistant who  stool away all the precious   family time by forcing him to have SEX with her  by making his doll turn her back towards him

Few minutes later  Parth sends an email in response to his daughter Sameera email and cc it to her friends .

Dear Child,

Sorry for not taking ‘our time’  i.e. family time for you .

From Not So Loving Father ,



Well after having few busy weeks  , On Monday when she logs in to her account to check the latest emails . Sameera finds her father Parth-The Great Indian Writer Sorry  note also with her friends pleading mails .

Sameera smiles at herself and responses to his mail by typing two beautiful words

Hearts  Engaged  and presses the send button .

To participate in this exercise please follow the guidelines by clicking on to the link given below.


And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely cool  batch   given below after writing  your story.

Character Visualization Exercise
Character Visualization Exercise
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With Lots of Love,

Author N


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