Character Visualization no 17 :Love Over Powers

Seeing Maya lie  in ICU  ward no .1 with all machines attached to her face , Veer′s face falls down in shame because he the  great Veer has  accused Maya  for every small mistake she did in these 5 years of their married life  .Veer from the initially stages of his marriage never like Maya  as he was mourning over Georgia and his unborn child ′s death  caused by  Maya′s rent-less accuses due to his rejection    because Georgia had easily  found the way to impress him by using her sexual prows   during his hay days in Stanford University  back then when they were all doing Ms in‘Computers’.


But….Today the scenario is different  .Veer  loves  Maya but Maya is leaving him,how much shitty he feels now and this all happened because of his family  adding more fuel  to already ignited fire  , he thinks balefully

“Dr.B  let′s try to revive Maya without injecting glucose into her system ”Dr..Kajal says as she removes oxygen mask from her face .

“No” Dr.B  replies .

“Accha , sister  Anna please tell Mr. Veer that if he wants  to see his wife Maya  he could because she has only few hours in her hand now ” Dr. B  braces the  orders  by perfecting  his glasses .

“But S….i…r… how can I  do  , sir please do something na…”Sister Anna stammered coldly fearing his wrath .

“Sister Anna I hope you know Psychology then listen to me  carefully  , when a patient does not respond to any of external medical treatment given to him/her  then you …should understand that mentally  he/she is not happy with his or her life or something else  so we should respect that patient′s wish  and help him /her to come out of his/her current  state”Dr. B says in an ice cool manner .

“But how ?” Dr. Kajal inquires .

“By Love as Loves Over Powers the hurt  in one′s subconscious mind   ” Dr. B  says smiling as nodes at Veer who was standing at the entrance of ICU ward no .1 .

“Aiyyo… Doctor B  you are fantastic person ”Sister Anna chipped  delightfully  .

“HA HA ” Both Dr. B and Dr. Kajal laughed and they all  left the ward by allowing Veer  to do the needful magic now .

After the doctors along with sister Anna left the ward , Veer stared at his  now not so  cool looking wife Maya  and breaks into controllable sobs  because  his mind reminded him of her love in different stages of his life .But  now by brushing his tears off his face ,Veer kisses her forehead, cheeks , lips , hands, stomach , legs and her engagement ring feeling very hopefully .

Days and Months passed by  but Veer did not stop his daily routine of kissing and making the room feel fresh and alive  until one day when Maya woke up and hugged a sleepy Veer .

Veer immediately hugged her back ferociously and requested  sister Anna to call  Dr. B.and Dr. Kajal to check his wife Maya .

Both the doctor did not come to  see her   but they sent in a note  “ Love gives us  a Forever  filling , do not fret away Mr. Veer and Maya” with sister Anna .Reading this  Veer′s eyes mistted and he thanked Dr. B  profusely  for his wisdom while getting  the discharged papers readied from the respectionist   .

Dr. B smiled at them and winked at his wife Dr. Kajal  with naughtiness  .

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Character Visualization Exercise
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