Only Love

Krivi looks at himself feeling very shallow and bad about everything that happened to Zia and him during his late 30s .Their incurables losses made them one but… day a young girl of 25 named Sash changed his perception towards life and this made him to leave the job of encountering the psychopath’s around the world like Woodpecker   who are more like the sicko type than the psycho types and starts searching for the Sash who changed his perception. Everyone in his workplace was shocked when he resigned as he followed ‘Me against me ‘ syndrome.

While searching for the girl Sash, he overhears somebody making a plain statement “Doc, that bureaucrat Vishay does not wish/hope well for Sash” Hearing these words Krivi runs towards them and asks what happened to Sash? He inquires having a stunned look on his face. Oh Krivi it’s you, Doc says playfully. Nothing much the Doc says and starts narrating the Sash purana by saying “Kri.., you know that all the battles are not won by the mere usage of intelligence but by heart too which God has gifted   did you understand… something from this context   . It seems no…And continues Sash bureaucrat father Vishay… has made his contempt clear that he has no time for Sash and has willed himself  not see her again as Sash will expect him to hug or cuddle him in which he has lost interest in love as his best friend Zia had left him alone and so ..She is in this condition”.

“Doc, may I know what happened in between them ” he asked him with all his eyes on Sash.

“Krivi….it all long started when Zia and Vishay was great friend in a college in London. Then in search of work Ziya…had come to India with Noor’s help  …and then like me Vishay too” Krivi completed the statement without being aware of doc’s presence of mind.

“Haan Haan” Doc asked him

“Nothing” Krivi replied.

“Doctor, I want my angel to be alright soon” He said tersely by keeping his back pack down where they were standing.

“Are you OKAY Krivi” Doc questions by taking an intense look at him.

“OK then hears is my patient to experiment upon” Doc says by pulling Sash in front of Krivi.

“Doc who is this dude standing here with all his love in his heart, it pricks me a lot “Sash enquired.

“I am your…r…father ” Krivi stammered.

OH HO Doc why did you tell this dude everything about me and my persona? she says and anyways who has time to love me …like  the way in which I want to be loved  by you all.

Hearing these words Krivi is stunned.

Why he was stunned could anyone tell me…?

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


 With Lots of Love,

Author N 


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