Meera Weds Vasu Part 26

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Meera fitting her entire world in her hand bag runs towards the elevator that beeped when it reached her floor as she now lives in high raised building  in Colaba with some friction in her personal life .When the door of elevator opens she finds Vasu  engrossed in world  with his latest muse Ms Anju his secretary by his side.After entering the elevator , the air around them becomes calmy and serious , but a phone calls breaks the current ambience ..“Haan , my name is Meera…Mr. Sethiiiiiii yeah yeah I  coming to your office within  60 minutes ” Meera saying so   cuts the phone call .

Hearing this conversation Vasu′s entire world tumbles upside down as he never expected her  to take such a big decision without consulting him . Err…this elevator , Meera grumbled patting her phone on her palms .Though Deena now has realized the fact that Meera is   not a  good mother and many  a times he too felt that she was not worthy of his love . But after a  fatel accident  that endangered Deena and his life , he wished for Meera′s comeback into his world  as due to her presence of mind  that day  she saved their lives by letting others accuse her insanely .

Few minutes later the elevator again beeped in delight and opens the door  for her .Meera quickly comes out of the elevator and runs to the passport office without giving a backward glance .Now on reaching Mr. Sethi′s cabin .She finds Vasu panting for breath and  taking in a deep breath he closes the distance  between them and kissed Meera  glossy lips  passionately .

Meera withdraws herself in wonder and tries to show her back on his face .But….her efforts went in vein as she could not think of living a life without his hugs and kisses.Meera ferercious hugs him back by kisses his heart that which was inked with her name.Vasu feels  happy and offers his gratefulness   towards  his stars for  their promptness.

Meera slowly coming out of his warm embrace says “Dearie when Deena and you are clear about our future only then….come to meet me in Canada  ,until then ciao ”.

Vasu nodes in O.K.  and helps her with the formalities required before leaving the country.The man who checked her passport said “Great Couple”  .What did “Great Couple” mean ?Vasu wonders by scratching his head   but suddenly  he finds Meera pinching  and  pointing out to the similar wallpaper on his mobile  phone screen .

Vasu gingerly laughs at her and says his ‘Thanks’ to the man seated oppisite to him .Few Years later , when he goes on bussiness  trip to CANADA  he simply smiles at himself because today he has a family to go back to…

Please forgive for my errors …if any in this post.

With Lots of Love,

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