Character Visualization Exercise no 18 : With You

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Vidhya , Vansh, Jane and Peter are forever best friends .They enjoyed life to the best by going on adventurous treks , long drives , walking , jogging and scuba diving . But Vidhya and Vansh′ family did not like their kids to go outing with  Peter and Jane and so they separated them from each other  by creating rumours regarding  Vidhya and Vansh′marriage  and eventually leaving Jane and Peter perplexed with their behaviour .Now  even though Vidhya and Vansh persuaded and requested them not to leave them alone like this …but Peter and Jane  decided to part ways amicably with Vidhya and Vansh .

30 years later when Jane and Peter landed at Vidhya and Vansh′s place with lots of good memories and gifts for  them .Peter  sees none of them  and tries calling out them Vidhya…..Vansh….. but no one responds   .Suddenly Jane screams  aloud snapping Peter′s thoughts back and hearing her trembling voice he runs towards Jane .Turning his head towards the room pointed out by Jane . Peter is stunned as he reads “With You I dance and will breathe my last , but don′t dare to leave me alone otherwise I will die  ” Reading these words under the CD playing  in  his favorite sound  track  .Peter ′s eyes wells up with tears and  he run towards Vidhya′s bedroom.


Lo Oh he sees Vidhya lying in comastatic state with her keeper trying to utilize her to appease his desire .When he sees this Peter throws himself on him and punches him hard by making  feel like a Trash Can  and moves forward to Vansh ′s place .When he enters Vansh′s paradise  he started searching for him  and seeing a similar sight there he pulls the she keeper out and warms her by removing her soul out of her being .Jane tries to stop from takin such an extreme and aggressive steps  like this .

Peter looks at  her with a woeful eyes and tries to S.W.A.T analyse the case .While doing so ..uncle a voice called out to him .“Please take  us to far away land please ” a voice says balefully but when he turns the request of a voice down .“Nerds ” a voice says and leaves the place .Few days later Vidhya and Vansh come out comostatic state.Seeing them miraculously  cured , Peter and Jane feels happy . Vidhya and Vansh looking  at them with a sarcastic smile playing on their lips  commanded “How come you both are  here  today”.

To this Jane with a casual shrug replies “To See You Both”.

Acchaa I  see ! Vidhya exclaims .

But why now ?Vansh asks inquisitive .

“Because……you might have  felt that we both are living happily ever after ..”Vidhya stated this with a mock  tensing her features.

“Ah! the same recipe of  sacrificing to have a happy ending kind of tale  but in fact  we did not have not  a happy ending kind of tale after you both left us that day to  make a  bright future  for yourselves , because after that  our family broke us apart as our  fathers broke their respective promises to each other  . And our greedy relatives  also started to take advantage of this fact and broke our special bond without feeling guilty or ashamed  of theirs actions and then we both landed in comostatic state because off all this happening  and… you know it naa”Vansh says as doors clicks in .

“Sir…these are house papers ”a peon from Vansh′s office in clipped tone says as he hand over the document to him .

“Peter-Jane this is a small gift from me to you both ”Vansh saying this keeps the documents  on his palm.

Jane tries to make some articulate statement from this ,but her all excited eyes fails to do  so .

Peter feels bad ,but with guileful he says ‘ Jane and I  are not hitched ’ so could we friends marry each other .

Vidhya stars at Peter with her blank soulless eyes .At the very moment a voice coming in form of blue light speaks “You all meant to each other and now you all do not spoil the precious 60 years  left with you by fighting with your demons inside as well outside.Because Love is Happiness and Joy of  being with someone whom you love naa ”

Hearing this silence dawns on all .And then all hug each other and go on adventurous trip to rekindle their lost love for each other .

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