Vasu’s Endless Love

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Meer… please do not leave me alone and go like this, I may not survive another heart break , Vasu says  this to Meera  in heart melting  voice  when  he recieves the best enterperneaur cum actor award for the  excelltant movie which he has written ,produced and raised funds for those people in those areas where there is no trace of water

So how do feel now after receving such a brillant away from your  boss Mr.Sasha ! the host exclaimed aloud through the mike before handing over the  mike to  him .“Hmm….well not so great infact if my love (Meera –my endless love) would  have presented this award  to  me with her golden hands ….then my heart would have exprienced  some kind of bliss , you know ”Vasu says with his emotions chocked .Ah! What a confident reply , the host says by patting his back lovingly .You know what your wife is luckiest to have you as a soul mate -life  partner .

Vasu nodes at him and leaves the stage with a thunderous aroar for him from the audience.With tears in her moist eyes she calls him twrilling her fingers with the wires of her landline –  mean their landline .

After picking up the call Vasu says ‘Hello’ and paitently waits for her  to responsd .

‘Seems like you aren′t interested in arguing with me today ’Vasu says with little deamour .

‘No response ’

‘Accha , I will call you later  my dear honey singh ’ Vasu says and…before he cuts the call he hears  her muttering something about he giving her names whenever she .. gets upset with his thing .

‘What did you say madame ?’Vasu enquires teasingly.

‘I  don′t what to loss you fool, please come back soon’ Meera says holding an impaitent soul in her hands  through the other end of the reciever with a not so peaceful smile playing on her lips for the man who endlessly loves  her despite certain reservations.

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