Character Visualization Exercise no 19 :Her Dream Love

Photo Source : www.dreamtime .com
Photo Source : http://www.dreamtime .com

Hemani looks at her bruises and shouts Ouch!  when Hari applies  dettol on her hurt by muttering some curses against the ground authorities  of FBL .Boss Ninarika  looking at this sight feels a bit awkward because her brother Hari  has never treated her like this whenever she gets hurt   .

‘Chalo come on it′s a small  scratch  Hemani !, why are you making Halla Bulla of such a small issue ? ’ Boss Ninarika says steamyly as she enters her cabin .

A stunned Hari accuses her and says “Ma′am….because of this attitude no body come near you ”.

Accha I  see ….so because of this attitude no body    comes   forward  to make friendship or love with me  , but …..what about  the hurt  you have given me Hari ? , she asks  him with a tremble in her  voice .

Hari who hears this statement feels guilty and walks away to his cubical  and tries hard to do some work on his excel sheet which Boss Ninarika had given him   .But he fails, as his sister  Boss Ninarika desolate look  comes in front of his eyes by making feel pitiable about his behaviour towards her  during  her  college time  .He  always thought that all bookish romance were crap  as  none of  these will come true , but it did come true for him and… This forced their relationship  to go into a  big trash  can  as his mother never loved her and her father was too busy to listen to her regular rants.

Rubbing his tired  face ,Hari goes to her cabin only to find her observing the ceiling fan with a wry .

“Ma′am may I  come in ”Hari asks by knocking the door of  her multi coloured cabin.

“Yes you may ” Boss Ninarika says by setting her eyes on him as  her dream love  with Rishabh  was broken by this very  brother  Hari   out of hatred towards her belief  in bookish romance .

Finally after taking a brief look at him , “Never break somebody′s dream like this chotu..  ” she says patting  his back with love.

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2 thoughts on “Character Visualization Exercise no 19 :Her Dream Love

  1. The story conveys emotions so well through Niharika who hasn’t got the much-desired love. I enjoy reading nuances in characters’ and conflict among protagonists. Well done.

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