Meera weds Vasu Part 27

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Meera …please put this  particular paper in the green and other one in red colour file , Vasu says briskly nuzzling her nape  . Hmm…what else do  you want sir? .., turning her face towards him she inquires …‘Nothing’…expect you comes out of Vasu′s mouth Hearing these words her heart beats stops for a moment and with a swift action she wraps herself around him and plants a soft kiss on his lips .He too responds in same vigour , with their coming out of rough weather that was created by their respective family because they could not stand each other′s viewing .But then when Vasu decided to marry Meera  .They noises and collision stopped .

Suddenly feeling his grin and body vibrated , Meera raises her eyebrow .Vasu lifting Meera enters their bedroom by switching off every thing in home office and unbuttons her dress by kissing each and every part of her satin silk skin , Meera moans and groans  a lot feeling the heat building up in her apex part …she wraps her legs and hangs on him and starts to unbutton his shirt , pant and rest of other clothing .Teasing his buttocks with fingers she pulls him under her and plays with  his body  by raking  her  red coloured fingers on his chest …Why were you laughing then….?she questions him  after one hour as she kisses his rough stumble…Hmm….because I was reminded of our successful  love marriage despite our parental abuses and collision with each other′s family  , Vasu says by pinning her down in between  his legs and enters her being with ease .Meera moans a lot feeling him with delight ….Sweat beads emitting from his body enter her mouth by making her pregnant with his child .

This  news they got to know after Meera′s regular check up  with her gynac Dr.Trinity .



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