Character Visualization Exercise no 20 : Her Red Enagagement Ring

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Sameer standing on the dais laughs at Keshvi and her choices which she makes .It is their days of sun shine   from now as cloud of unhappiness vanished from their lives after 5 years of their families war fare over her red engagement ring which he had thrown on her face because he wanted  to refuse her proposal as he was in love with her bestie Roma then  which was known to all expect Keshvi .

One day while driving down  to a temple in  Auckland , Sameer met with an accident and in that accident his love Roma and his angel Sia died  even before they could reach the temple to tie a life long  knot with  his love Roma.Sameer crused himself and vented all his abuses on the poor Keshvi on reaching  his home i.e.  Delhi , India after doing  all the needful rituals  for Roma and his angel Sia in Auckland  .

Keshvi who hears these abuses from him ,shuts herself from the world and does not speak to anyone who comes to meet her .Few weeks later when Sameer comes home on her mother′s request , he  finds Keshvi staring at the  black sky blankly without feeling .

‘Trust this girl to act weirdly’ Sameer  curses himself and moves forward towards  Keshvi  .

‘Hi Keshvi’ he says.

No Response….

‘Keshvi , what happened to you ?’Sameer asks her by shaking her body .

No Response…….., Keshvi just turns to see him with her dead eyes .

Sameer who  sees her dead eyes feels remorseful for his actions done knowingly .

With a misty eyes Sameer says “Aunty Ma , I  vented all the abuses on your daughter Keshvi  after reaching here because I  could not come to terms after losing my love and my life in a car accident in Auckland ”

“Hmm…..and thats why my daughter Keshvi has shut herself from the world , now I  got it” Keshvi mother says with a small smile plastered on her lips  and goes inside Keshvi′s bedroom. Sameer too follows  her by saying Aunty….

Once after he enters Keshvi′s room , he finds a cupboard full of gifts for him  which she has  bought for Sameer  every year on his  birthday    .Touching each and every gift Sameer could Keshvi love for him , but… . His eyes welled up with tears and at that time Keshvi entering her bedroom closes the  cupboard filled with gifts for him with a thud and faints in front of them .This raises their eyebrows and  they immediately  rush her  to a nearby private hospital where Dr.Hema is HOD of general department.

“Sameer …”Dr. Hema shouted from a distance and waves at him .But on seeing the ever cheerful Keshvi laying dead  her thoughts gets paralysed and she…being a doctor did not know what to do.Sameer looking at Dr.Hema asks her “Are you OK ?” and summons Dr Ashok to check on Keshvi.But Dr. Ashok does not come , only his assistant comes out to check Keshvi .

Seeing the strange  behaviour here in Dr.Ashok′s  private hospital , Sameer runs towards Dr. Ashok  cabin only to find him lying like a vegetable . “It cannot be ”Sameer shouted trying to revive Dr. Ashok .Keshvi ′s mother runs  towards the cabin  and pulls him up . Wiping the unshed tears  from her eyes  she says “Sameer bete  tow prior to the accident that snatched away  your love Roma  and life′s from you  , Roma had called the respective Dr′s here and accused them for treating a dying  Keshvi and so due to all incidents  they are in their respective conditions , so sorry son”

“What happened to Keshvi, Aunty Ma”Sameer inquires painfully .

Pointing out the bruises , she cries even louder and a stunned Sameer has no words to express and makes a promise whom so ever is responsible will end in soup by caressing Keshvi′s hair . Keshvi and her mother get scared on hearing Sameer mother′s screach  his name .

On seeing this sight Sameer gets to know who is  the real  villain of this story .

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And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesome cool  batch   given below after writing  your story.

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6 thoughts on “Character Visualization Exercise no 20 : Her Red Enagagement Ring

    1. But if you see the hind side of this story . The male character realizes his mistakes and wishes to make amendments with his love now… Thanks for droping by Alana !:-)

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