Character Visualization Exercise no 21: In her eyes

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Amit reading a book ‘India was One ’by An Indian  hears a  thud raising his enormous  head from the book which got him hooked from the very moment of his purchase while busy sipping his afternoon  tea . Amit  smiles at  his wife Lavya who enters their Villa after a  months  travel to US and its neighbouring countries .Though Lavya hated traveling , she had no option but to travel as her female boss Anasuya Mehta  demanded  and Lavya knew the  true reason  behind this .

“Hey Jaan , How are you ?”Lavya queered .

“Missing you babes ” Amit said by planting a soft kiss on her forehead and lips .

After drinking her share of tea from the flask (that which was made by  her  man-servant Tarabai on her request place by her over the phone)  , Lavya keeps her head on his laps and listens to his reading of India was One’ by An Indian . She falls in love with the book after listening to her husband reading and ranting about it in regular intervals .

Amit being a business man was ‘a unique man’.His uniqueness made him a ‘laughing stock’ in his bussiness circles, but he never cared about it  as long as his wife read his kind of books .

Lavya  and he  were ex students of NL  school and college.His love for reading romance or general fictions got her hooked on to him  like an orbit moving around its  axis then..After which they both  got married to  each other in private , that day in her eyes he could see  his happy and pleasant future with her listening to his rants about the books which he chooses   . This aspect of hers  has reminded the same until now  he thinks ,when  Amit finds  Lavya fast asleep on his lap.Keeping his tea mug  and book aside and carry Lavya to their bed room .Placing her on soft comfortable bed , Amit goes out  to bring his book there .

On returning to their bedroom , he finds Lavya waiting for him so that she too can  read the book along with him .

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And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely cool  batch   given below after writing  your story.



Character Visualization Exercise
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