Book Review : ‘India was One’ by An Indian



The book India was One is the story of Jai and Kaahi who meet in the college canteen , fall in love and then get married with each other to live a life of fulfillment .Can a person live ‘a life of fulfillment’ in peace ?Would nature allow us do so… No na..In this story a major twist arises along with terrible terrorist attack .
The story is based in Mumbai .
The story beings with ‘Jai’ walking through the dense Jungle and ends in a temple near Maharashtra Gujarat border .
Author An Indian has penned this book ‘ India was One’ in a methodically way inspired by his own life .Right from Jai’s fun college days with friends to the terrorist attacks that happened in Mumbai few years ago…( Few friends of mine were fortunate as their families had pushed their children i.e. my friends away from watching the dirty bloody flash news which was being broadcasted over and over by the news channels .I still remember one of my best friend’s college mate died in the train bast ).
This book ‘ India was One’ has one more intriguing element . An Indian has shown how India as country if divided into two halves i.e. North and South India would stand a very pensive fashion. Some where down , I would feel his anguish towards India and its current state of affairs whether professional or personal .
Few days when I was watching a video on you tube based on a spiritual giant’s life there the hero says “India is free not the Indians” .This fact is true because few months ago I heard my south Indian friend telling me “Oh yaar , do you known I have learnt to make Dal Makkani a Punjabi dish from my Punjabi girlfriend”I nodded at him in ‘Yes’ but in retrospection I wondered if we Indians are going to speak or behave in this fashion then….our country would not progress but it will start degrading .  Chalo…. now I will start my blah.. blah… on this is topic as we could argue over and over …by expressing our view points
An Indian ‘s book ‘India was One’ also emphasis on this aspect by thinking about future of Indians living abroad .
A Recommended Read .
A 5 Tapri Chai ratings for this book .
I thank the Author An Indian wholehearted for sending in the copy of ‘ India was One’- the masterpiece book to me for reviewing .
With Lots of Love,
 Author N

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