Meera Weds Vasu Part 28

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‘Maasi Ella….’Meera screamed in delight on seeing her at her door step .Vasu who as usually is getting ready for  office hears his Maasi Ella say ‘Why ….are you sucking his blood like a leach ? ’ and then  he sees the glass of water falling  dow from Meera hands.But much before it  could fall down to crack  into pieces .Vasu catches hold of the glass  with  fire blazing in his eyes .

‘Ella Maasi……………’ he sternly calls her out and says “Mind your waspish tongue ”and then placing  the glass on the living room dining table ,he just says “All in the blood ”and goes off with his home-made lunch box .Marching towards his office , Vasu  waves  his good byes to her-i.e .his  beautifying Meera and she in turns feels his warmth spread through her body .Instead of crying like a belittled child .Meera makes Maasi Ella happy by taking for a shopping spire.They shop !shop ! shop! and shop !until the shop partially gets emptied .

Weeks fly off by making Maasi Ella happy , this fact Meera  realizes on seeing her  empty  purse . Slowly she rushes towards and extends her hand .Seeing Meera′s facial expression Vasu gives her required about of money and laughingly states “Showering your love on an  unwelcome guest  who has hurt countless times , strange you are !”.Sighing they come out of his study  room  .Vasu tries to have normal chat  with his Ella Maasi , but they both  come to the same very old point of ‘His marriage with Meera’.Seeing their stares Meera giggles a loud and Vasu too joins by making Ella Maasi feel  a bit awkward .

Chalo…then I  better leave for airport now otherwise I  will miss my Heathrow flight ”Maasi Ella says with a small smile plastered on her face .

“Maasi Ella …… never ever spy on us as someone related  to you   will  also do the same thing with your family . I  know you have come  here to check on us whether Vasu is happy with me on your older sister commands , but….. just forget it  and proceeds towards the living room door ”“All in the blood ”Meera mutters under her breath and just goes down to the parking slot to pull her car out of her  1st floor parking  slot .

Vasu …just squeezes his Ella Maasi′s shoulders  and goes to direct his wife Meera  by bombarding information on ‘The directions to remove the car from the 1st floor parking slot’  

Phew ! Meera sighs and summons Maasi Ella in as she pull her SUV  in front of  her .The journey to airport makes his Ella Maasi realize that families differ from head to head and so Meera with her liberal thoughts  and Vasu with his dynamism have made a good life for themselves and who are we to intervene in their happiness ,Maasi Ella wanders over and over in this regard and smiles at the skies on reaching the airport .

“Bye bacchaas  ”Maasi Ella says and enters the security check.


With Lots of Love ,

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