Character Visualization Exercise no 22 :An Indian Bride

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Nandini is quiet excited about her sister Nishani ′s wedding  but Nishani is silent today  … The girl who used to talk a lot and make fun of others is in dilemma today as her lover Vijay  has made his contempt clear that “He is marrying her just for sake of his grandfather… otherwise he would have married Lalita Foxford  , his current muse  who is now living in Canada ”.

Though Vijay is good man at heart but when he dislikes a person he would not like to see the other  person goodness .When Vijay and Nishani are  made to sit next to each other  , Vijay could not bear to sit next to her and he immediately  gets up by saying “Sorry , this marriage cannot happen as I  not interested in Nishani  anymore because I  love Lalita Foxford  an American Desi Girl ” and leaves for America by catching the next flight immediately .

Slowly she walks down towards her sister Nandini and squeezes her hands .Now in a brittle voice Nishani requests “Nandini ask Sid to bring his Duster TUV  to this mandhap (hall )” . Of Course Di ! Nandini exclaims and leaves the hall .Nishani in her room cries a little and she decides to do a PhD on ‘Human Relationships’and gets up with ferocious looks .

Dad , I  want to a PhD  on  ‘Human Relationships’.Hmm,Err…a PHD on  ‘Human Relationships’ ,What !  Are you crazy child ?he says by keeping his reading aside .Your are already graduated to that level child and still you want to study , for what ?, to become an eccentric person like me , her Dad Mr.Shah says it with a chuckle .

Dad….Nishani screaches and hugs  him tightly with tears in her eyes .And Haan I  just stumbled upon an article which you have written in one of the science journals which I  am secretly subscribing for.

By the time Mr.Shah makes his angel laugh , her sister Nandini comes with Sid and his Duster TUV and mocks at her father Mr. Shah for not spending time with her .At this he makes a face and they all have  a healthy  laugh at his expression.

10  years later  , when Vijay comes to India to meet his friends and family .He finds Mr. Shah reading some crazy stuff on his notepad with his head phone plugged into his ears . “Just like Nishani ”he mutters and calls Sid from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. Sid does not pick the call , he instead PMs Vijay  by requesting him to come on his own .Vijay after reading Sid ′s personal message is in state of shock until  he hears a silky voice saying “Excuse Me”.Vijay shifts from his original position   and through his hooded eyes he sees her i.e.Nishani in a dress which he might have never expected to wear .Seeing her wave Sid and her Dad Mr. Shah , his blood boils up and with determined look on his face he goes towards them and questions them “So ..Sid is your current muse no na…”Nishani and others look at him with delight in their eyes .  “Yes ”Nandini coming from nowhere says with laughter in her eyes .OMG ! where have I  landed , he mutters to himself .

Nishani  laughs  aloud and says  “So…take   U-turn anyways where your… Lalita Foxford” . Lalita Foxford left me all alone in this world without any say ..Oh I  so sorry  to hear , she says with her light eyes rounding up  with  concern .

Vijay could not control his temptation for the dark red lips that made his thoughts go wavy. In order to erase all his bad memories he just takes her lips into his and enjoys it delicacy with passion .After retrieving himself from the strong pull ,he feels bliss dawn upon him and asks her father Mr. Shah for her hand.But her fathers refuses to do  so , instead  he pushes her towards him and says “From now my entire one piece daughter is yours  astronaut , do take  good care  of her ”He smiled at them and they smiled at him with tears of joy playing in their eyes .

Today Vijay cuddling his wife Nishani feels a sense of fulfillment  into his being  as she has given him his precious pearls of his life i.e being his ‘An Indian Bride’.

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One thought on “Character Visualization Exercise no 22 :An Indian Bride

  1. It took Vijay to lose one Foxford to know the value of Nishani. Though Nishani wanted to kick him back to America, she could not help fall in love with him all over again. Who ever said that Ph.D on human relationships should be done theoretically when so much of practical experience is available on hand?

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