Book Review :Beyond The Milky Way (Galaxy Series )


Beyond The Milky Way by Aithal is a story of three astronauts and their search for life on the other planets in the galaxy in which we all are living in .In this process of finding life on other planets in our galaxy ….Their Space Shuttle crashes in mid way and they are forced to eject themselves from the Space Shuttle and then they land up on alienated planet which is on different galaxy and which is similar to that of our planet ‘Earth’ .

Communication goes for toss! .
By creating such a story Author Aithal tries to ‘ Think Beyond’ or forces us ‘ Think Beyond’ ourselves as a power house i.e. developing/destroying our earth .We usually think of our planet as beautiful on certain days like “Environmental Day” and “World Peace Day” and the remaining 365 days we try blame our government and local leaders who come to change our country’s scenario by mere tell tooting us about the earth’s glories — our planet.
Beyond The Milky Way by Author Aithal will force us to change our perception about evergreen and prosperous earth and will force us to take some small initiative like “Save the Ocean Water”or by making battery operated appliances for kitchen , motor bikes and cars so that consumption of natural resources can be lowered . Beyond The Milky Way by Author Aithal also emphasis on humans and their relation with mother earth i.e. our planet .
Be Good ! Be Productive ! Be Useful ! is bottom line of this book .With this book Author Aithal is giving us subtle warning of our earth turning brownish in color and nature .
I wholeheartedly thank the author for sending this book ‘Beyond The Milky Way’ to me for my opinion .
I would appreciate you all to read this book . I love the art work and poems used in this book.
5 stars for the book “Beyond The Milky Way” by Aithal.
With Lots of Love,
Author N

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