Character Visualization Exercise no 23 : Love for disabled

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Vani ….. are you serious about your love for Ansh the Casanova guy , Ananya asks her with her eyes wide open in wonder as Vani shows her their marriage album  sitting in the living room of their pent house on 15th floor  .

“From when it all started ”Ananya questions her by patting her legs in anger with force  .

“From the time when our eyes meet , on the sandy beaches of G..OOOOOOOOOOOOO…..AAAAAAAAAAAAAA”  Vani  smilingly  replies to her question .

Dam you  bitch ! , I have been   in love with Ansh  for longest time  how dare you steal my bowl of cream, Vani  ?  Ananya accusingly spat out these words without the slightest awareness of  Ansh  being around and hearing each and ever word spat by her on Vani  from the other end of Vani′s living room  .

Vani eyes widen  in  shock as the words spoken by her friend Ananya  slowly  started sinking  in her heart .She then decides to confront him with Ananya′s statements .

Much before she could confront him with Ananya′s statement , Ansh′s mother forces her to sign the divorce papers in presence of Ansh by using  a lot condemening words against her and her family 

Ananya feels victories and join him .

Few Days Later ….

 The  appointed day of his marriage with Ananya arrives  , Ansh shames her  and his family  by saying “My family is disabled but not my wife Vani  though she has  a slight defeat  but Vani never allows her unhappiness  i.e. slight defeat to  make her life dull ,whereas Ananya who physically normal behaves like disabled as she  has everything  .By everything I  mean physical assets.”

Hearing these words uncle Prem Chopra claps  and hugs  him wholehearted in front of his sister i.e. Ansh′s mother  because he could see love  for disabled  the other half of our society in Ansh eyes  which his sister could not see this fact , despite of herself also being disabled too . After taking his blessing , Ansh runs to main door of his pent house and grabs his wife′s hands and makes up for their lost love .

Today he is proud father of two fraternal twins YashVeer and Vinaya

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And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely cool  batch   given below after writing  your story.

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Authors Note : In our India society people do not like /love disabled people and because of which some of them are treated shabbily as they are not bonded by  wheelchair  but have the will to live a normal life like others   .Through this  I want /wish that all physically normal people should wholeheartedly  accept them (disabled people  ) as friends, lovers and soul mates because they are also part of this very society .

With Lots of Love,

Author N


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