Character Visualization Exercise no 24 : Meeting the other half

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Abhay reads  ‘India Was One’ ~ a book by An Indian sitting on his cosy   bean bag , as his  cousins Preeti ,Pinky and Pushkari    along with his father Ghanshyam Desai watch a comedy film called   ‘Stuart Little 3’on his 21 inch LED TV .

Suddenly his phone pings  with a message “Shelly Madam is quiet upset with you , please come soon ”.Grrh…. he feels and slams his smart phone down on the ground by muttering curses about his father′schoice  and leaves the room .His father   sees him leave in gruffly through his hooded and watchful  eyes which are fixed on 21 inch LED TV  . And then Abhay′s father  goes  to Shelly ′s house and breaks their engagement by saying “We do not expect a girl like Shelly for my son ”.

Shelly ′s Dad is too shocked to react   and merely shakes his head in ‘NO …NOT AGAIN !’ , but Shelly peacefully gives away her engagement ring to him and walks towards  to the main door of her house .

After opening the door Shelly says “Ghanshyam Uncle !, please tell Abhay to find some one better than me  this time at least ”and goes out quickly  by shutting the door politely .

Abhay father feels his heart twist and sinks in sorrow and leaves for home .Abhay who sees his father coming from Shelly′s place is furious  and asks his Pa “Who asked you to break the engagement and come home like this ”because his best friend  Anoy  has  updated  his Face Book status with “Shelly – Abhay ka break – up  ”   by  making it trending message on Facebook

His defeated father did not know how to react to such a onsaught  ? and enquires  feebly   “What do you mean   by that , child ?” .

Err…Pa , I am reading the book called ‘India Was One’ book  by An Indian and in that when I  read about how Jai and Kahani  meet and their bubbling romance ,  I… just got carried away  and thus this has given start to the my endless problem …Now what should I  do  ? he anxiously inquired .

As Shelly is a woman who will  not entertain a person who  has let her down …She will shut her heart for them  because they are termed to be ‘real lossers’ in  the true sense of  her perception.

At the time “When Dad shed a silent tear”an idea crops up into his solid head and he runs towards  Shelly′s flat  which is at stone throw  away distance and what does he see Anirudh DaD ′s face covered with his hand and saying  “NOT FAIR ! NOT DONE ABHAY! ABHAY …NO…IT CAN′T BE YOU CHILD !”.

Suddenly he feels Abhay′s pat on his shoulders ,looking at him , he shouts ‘Get Out of my residence you Liar   ’.

Abhay smiles at him and thinks about his financee′s   qualities .Shelly  = her Father . Anirudh Dad  , I  love her(Shelly)  a lot .From the day when I  started reading ‘India Was One ’book  by An Indian .My brain just…got scrammbled , Anirudh DaD  completed the other of Abhay′s phrase .

But then….why did not your father say so , anyways your father ( emotional freak Ghanshyam) is like a women who would not say anything properly .Hmmm..

“Chalo how are you going to open the almost shut door of her  heart for you , Abhay ” He inquires thoughtfully .

“It is almost na then problem is half solved ”Abbhay says it with a wink .

“Ha Ha,  you are great  charmer my friend  !” Anirudha Dad laughing pats  his back  .

“Ting Tong” the bell rings .

Opening the door and seeing Shelly enter  like fresh rose and seeing the beautiful couple staring at each other ,  makes her father sing

Meeting the other  half,

Feels so special,

That makes your heart go heather and theater ,

By Melting away  the wounds,

Caused knowingly or unknowingly.

Sighing she smiles at Abhay  and hugs him .Swipping off her feet , Abhay jives  a little with  her father .Putting her down Abhay takes Anirudh Dad ′s blessing ,but Anirudh Dad pulls Abhay′s father Ghanshyam too to shower his blessing on his very own strong , loving  and  charming son Abhay  through  his mobile phone .


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2 thoughts on “Character Visualization Exercise no 24 : Meeting the other half

    1. I always wondered “What would a book addict do if his/her relationship with his/her financee goes for a toss ” So keeping that in my mind I penned this post by infussing the book ‘ India Was One ‘as my central character .
      Thanks droping by Vishal !
      Have a nice day 🙂 .

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