The Healthy Yog Mantra~ Interview with An Indian

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Ok folks today is being “International Yoga Day ” Kiara   has requested our creator to give her  a chance to have an  interview in her own style  .

Thanks for the co operation my dear creator Saheba …, Vasu and Meera says as they leaving   for New York  from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Oh ho Dr. Tejas Dada you and your stethoscope have become too much ! ,I  cannot handle you both ,Kiara says by pulls his cloths from the other side of  their bed.

Get up you asshole Dr.T ! she exclaims  .

“Umm…mmm there no Dada coming from your mouth these days ”Dr. Tejas says as he gets out from the other side of their bed .

Finished Ash Masi′s project , he inquires staring  at her blankly  and suddenly asks her “Are you going out for jog  ?”

“Yep ….” she yells  through her gritted teeth  and hands over the printout  along with his bed tea .

Bye ….Tejas Dada , she smiling says to him  as she runs towards the living room and then  Kiara goes out of her row house  by taking her house keys which are handing on mickey mouse′ stand .

Tejas smiles at her behaviour  and mutters to himself , “Finally now she has  left the habit of calling me as Dr. Tejas Dada”

Going through the printout he feels like posting it on his blog.He  switches on his laptop and after 5 minutes he signs himself into his WordPress account  which  contained his doctrine quotes on love and life .


Finally he starts penning a definite intro for this Interview .

Dr.Tejas starts , I  thank my creator for giving Kiara this wonderful opportunity to have an Interview with An Indian .Today being ‘International Yoga Day ’ I wish every a happy and healthy day .Yoga is not meant for the body alone but it is also meant to keep your mind happy .But how to keep your mind happy ? Is a big puzzle .

It is done   by reading some good books and interviews like this.

Interview With An Indian

1.Describe yourself in 100 words?


That’s a tough one. I know what I’m not. I’m not a writer. There are so many more talented writers. I consider myself as an author of my book.




2.Why did you choose ‘India Was One’ as your book title?


Because I felt that it was very apt for the story. It’s intriguing to wonder what it could be. Is it about the partition on 1947? The reader is pleasantly surprised to find out that it’s not at all about that.


3.How did the thought of writing a book enter your mind?


The story of the book had been playing around in my mind for a while. Finally, I decided to pen it down in 2010. It took me less than a week to pour down my initial thoughts. Then it took me over a year to expand them.


4.Which part of book even now makes you smile?


The Canteen chapter. It’s like taking a fond walk down the memory-lane.


5.Who inspires you the most?


Hm. Never thought about it. So, I’d say nobody. But having said that, there are certain things about many people I find inspiring. I guess that’s why I say nobody in particular.


6.Rapid fire questions

a. Ideal Holiday Destination : Don’t know if it’s ideal. But I like to go to Canada.


b. Rains for you means : Heaven has opened up. Monsoon is my favorite season.


c. Favourite Sport : Cricket.


d. Favourite Movie : Many…Sholay, Padosan, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T., The Godfather, Harry Potter, etc.


e. Favourite Goodreads Book : Don’t have a favorite. Have enjoyed many.


f. Favourite Quote from your books : You can take an Indian out of India, but you can never take India out of an Indian.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this interview 

Thanks for getting bored with me .

Just Kidding Folks!

Appreciate all my readers for being there   for me  here at 6.00 AM,as my sister Kiara and creator of this great interview has gone out for a stroll .So sneaking my time with you all by giving you all such a wonderful morning dose.

PPS :Thank you my dear creator of Short Stories of Vasu and Meera and Quotes for giving us/Kiara  this opportunity  .You are indeed a great story creator and teller.

Thank You Very Very  Much ! 

With Warms Hugs




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