Character Visualization Exercise no 25 : Happy Feet

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“Meer … life is incomplete with you ” Vasu says it  with a quiet sentiment  . Meera just rolls over him and kisses his juicy lips , this makes him pull her close.The sexual undercurrent forces  him unbutton her formal  top  . Unhooking the bra  ,Vasu nibbles her thighten breasts one by one like some sweet fruit  .

Meera feels her breath loss control . Moaning to his onsaught , she pulls him over and hugs him freciously Meera says “Sweet jaan Vasu lets enjoy our freedom now atleast” and she starts her as usually rants about her MIL ′s annoying words and now her daughter′s piece of advice .

Vasu immediately  rolls over her and starts playing with her feet and legs by tickling his feet and legs with hers because he did not want the day  to end like this .

What day ?

His 25th wedding anniversary .

“Happy 25th Anniversary darling! ”he  says by nibbling her lips and neck .

Meera too responds in same vigour and unbuttons his shirt , she wraps her legs around his waist making him week with desire .

Slowly a half naked Vasu rolls off  her .Proping his head over his ellow  with his fingers he plays with her hands and kisses her navel button  with his tongue seductively.This ignites the fire in her and she gives away the rein to her deepest pent up desire  to his love making.

Meera  now places the gift on his tummy with the words written in bold letters “Happy 25th Anniversary  Sweetheart ”and squezzing his body to her  she says “Thanks for accepting me  despite your personal loss”

“Oh jaan meri” Vasu hugs Meera with a mistful eyes and gets up from their bed .Holding Meera hands he goes to the living room , only to find the walls of the living room plain.Though  initally  he feels bad but then his shouts about his relationship with Meera in front of everyone especially in front of his children mocked him over and over .Meera squeezes his shoulder in understanding and asks him to keep his feet on hers.Initally Vasu says ‘No’  to this game .Later on he joins in with his beautiful wife Meera whopping in delight for his sportiness and they laughingly danced blancing themselves on each other feet .

“A close dance for a change all alone in their villa” is what they wished  and  this day they termed it as ‘Happy Feet′s Day’.

Character Visualization Exercise
Character Visualization Exercise


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2 thoughts on “Character Visualization Exercise no 25 : Happy Feet

  1. “Sunehri Yaadein” – how sweet, isn’t it, says Meera. Re-living what all they did or could not do 25 years back, Meera demanded and got every inch of Vasu. It was like ghar wapasi or can we say “prem” wapasi? “Why in life should 2 individuals who are married to each other fall out of love ever?” was the question of Vasu. Each reclaimed their lost territories. In this war of love, none was the loser. Vasu used to love kissing Meera madly on her nape, navel, thighs, buttocks, bosom and what all portions should I say? Meera was no less romantic. She indulged in lovely bites especially on Vasu’s manhood, chest etc. etc. A dull moment cannot and should not steal away their privacy or what their both bodies yearned for. Even being two different bodies, they loved being in unison in different poses and different occasions. He used to drive her up the wall, hug and kiss her madly. She used to return it in kind pleasing him and herself in the process.

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