Character Visualization Exercise no : 26’Love and Relations’

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“Ananya just stop it now , your verbal abuses against  Jay Jane Batra coming to study Spiritual Science in Benaras University is what I  cannot understand please go  out .” Prof Mehta mutters and starts lecturing on her very hateful topic i.e. Spiritual Science in a South Mumbai college  on the request of their  Principal  Pinky  .

Ananya feeling a little perturbed about his behaviour leaves her classroom forever making a silent vow in front Prof Mehta′s laptop where  Skype Session with his favorite student is just about to begin .Jay Jane Batra sees her and the situation caused by him makes him feel bad. Still he keeps mum and starts listening to the  lecture which Prof Mehta gives in style without concentration .The ashen face of Ananya  due to Prof Mehta comments  bothered him a lot .

Finally after a lecturing for a while  Prof. Mehta says “Today′s SS  session comes a close  and haan do not give your notes to  Ananya madame , she is just a curse to mankind”  and makes a strong comment  like this in front of the entire class and brings his eyes towards the Skype screen he just reads “Thank you Sir for wonderful SS session ” . Prof Mehta smiles at himself and leaves the classroom in a gruffy.As he leaves the classroom , he sees Ananya coming with one of most intelligent professors with whom his interactions are minimal because he is Jay Jane Batra ′s most eccentric uncle Prof Vipul Batra .

“Ah Ananya what a wonderful thought you have come up with , I  should ask our college  Principal Pinky  and your Neeta Aunty to think about it …”Prof Vipul Batra ecstatically says and dashes into Principal Pinky .Oh  so sorry ma′am ! Prof Vipul exclaims and tries picking up his things in a hurry .

Seeing this sight Prof Mehta′s blood boils and he just goes down to the staff room , dumping his stuff in his locker he leaves the college by PMing his friends not to disturb him for a while and goes to Galaxy Of Stars a place where he could  completely get  sloshed so that he could forget his love for Pinky .

After entering the Galaxy Of Stars a pub kind of place he sees Ananya completed sloshed and  her eyes hurtful.Prof Mehta realizes his mistake and makes a call to   Jay Jane Batra requests him to come down to  Mumbai and save  Ananya′s life as she is giving up her  life away because where ever  she goes she finds people with SS  knowledge more who think her way of following Spiritual Science is weird .

Sir, why should I  come to rescue her ?  Jay Jane Batra asks him knowingly

Because I  cannot understand why she hates people from other countries studying the god gifted Spiritual Science in India .

स्वे स्वे कर्मण्यभिरत: संसिद्धिं लभते नर: |
स्वकर्मनिरत: सिद्धिं यथा विन्दति तच्छृणु || 45||

sve sve karmaṇy abhirataḥ sansiddhiṁ labhate naraḥ
sva-karma-nirataḥ siddhiṁ yathā vindati tach chhṛiṇu

By fulfilling their duties, born of their innate qualities, human beings can attain perfection. Now hear from me how one can become perfect by discharging one’s prescribed duties.

Swa-dharma is the prescribed duties based upon our guṇas and station in life. Performing them ensures that we use the potential abilities of our body and mind in a constructive and beneficial manner. This leads to purification and growth, and is auspicious for the self and society. And since the prescribed duties are in accordance with our innate qualities, we feel comfortable and stable in discharging them. Then, as we enhance our competence, the swa-dharma also changes and we step into the next higher class. In this manner, we keep advancing by dutifully executing our responsibilities.

To this he whatsapps  the message which Ananya has sent him  .Suddenly he feels a pat and turning his half face towards her  . Ananya says “Sir , doing your duty  with lords name on your lips  is best na …and so I wanted  Jay Jane Batra to  do the same.. ..  study our Spiritual Science while  managing his family business in U.K.”

“Beta…I  am sorry for throwing you out of class because I  felt that you never loved talking about SS  with me in your weird style”Prof Mehta says by hugging his prince charming.

“Hmm…” Ananya replies and Dad you  know ….I  do not like our college Principal Pinky at all so stop having  soft feeling for  her .Anyways you have a  good news coming  your way Dad ..what is it child ? he asks her by lifting her glowing pink face towards his  .Dad…Jay Jane Batra and I  are engaged physically  by  गन्धर्व विवाह now  we want your permission to have seven phereas kind of marriage .

Of Course Beta ! Prof Mehta says  and then calls up  the priest to find a good  day  for his daughters′s marriage .

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Character Visualization Exercise no :26 'Love and Relations'
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