Meera Weds Vasu Part 29

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Meeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , stop looking so dishevelled its  just ….matter of time dear .NO ! NO! NO!NO !this cannot be….and saying this she leaves the house without a backward glance .

As rainfall cascades on her , she starts crying   like a baby  as her love  for having sweets has been  salvage by the  current set of doctors .And all of sudden , she starts laughing at the irony that life has thrown at her .

Slowly marching towards the door of their  Villa , Meera stares at Vasu with a puffed face . Lifting her face , caressing her jaws ,outlining her lip with his sweaty fingers  and pulling her close he says “Madame Meera let’s go on a healthy drive today , I  have packed some healthy diet  for us to munch on the way.”

Vasuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu stop  making me feel really good ……as I  not fit to be called as ‘Your Wife’ because your are fittest specimen and I  am an unhealthy specimen with whom you cannot go to disc to shake your ass with other sweet asses  waiting for you to grove with the most fine intelligent and sinfully hot  man .

Accha I  see …“Madame M ,I never feel the need to shake my ass with any babe or maneka ′s   over there as my  my only Maneka is already standing  here besides me and trust me she is must gorgeous person under the sun  and I  love her  for whatever she is and has ”

Hearing the words Meera feels good for something and wishes that he should live longer than her so that he could see or  experience his grand  daughter Shaadi ka Ladoo.

So what is the POA today ,she asks him with a wink .Oh lady! he exclaims and lifting his baby Avi up from the soft sushi cushion ,he summons  his first and foremost doll Deena to pulls out the car from 2nd floor parking slot  to the driveway of their villa . Kissing his baby doll Avi ′s cheeks he looking at his cool and stubborn wife Meera he says,  “We all   are going  to lonavala for two  long trek in the hills there ”

Grrh… a unique piece having unique tastes, Meera mutters a curse then feeling his smooth slight pricky stubble  her sex feels ready and she kisses her lips passionately by caressing her doll′s back with fierceness .

With Lots of Love ,

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