Character Visualization no 28 : For you Nerd

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And the award for  best enterprenaur  goes to Ms Keya Pratap Singh .Keya.. Karan muttered to himself sitting in his Manhattan office and called  his parents  in India to remove information regarding her ,but his parents refused to share any kind of information regarding Keya because when he was India few years ago, he  in front of everyone in his office broke her sensitive heart into shreds by refusing her proposal  and insulted  her   for being too nerdy  and this incident still echoed their ears 

“Ma…I  know you both hate me for what I  have done with Keya ” he says running his finger  through  his silky hair .

No Response !

No Response !

“Ma..are you there on the line” Karan asks her by getting up from his comfortable sushi stretchable chair .

“Hmm yes tell me  what can I  do for you ?”Mallika Oza asks  in clipped tone .

“Ma….”, madam Keya is on Skype and wants to talk to you  , Mr. Vikram Pratap Oza  calls her  from his study  .

“Ok , I  have to go now  so I will speak to you later ”Mallika  in a very harried voice  says this and cuts his call.

Mrs . Iyer , Mrs . Ahuja , Mrs . Bhosale , Mrs . Singh  and Mrs .Oza along with their husbands started chatting with Keya  as if she is  some celebrity  .

Karan starts crying  in front of  his sick  grand father  who made him a selfish business tycoon, seeing his grandmother playing with Keya′s toys , Karan inquisitively questions her “Dadi , why are you playing with these toys ” .

“Because I  love to  and I love Keya too ” she says and leaves the kitchen counter .

“Ting Tonk”  the bell rings

Dadi runs towards the door with a  speed  of horse , panting she opens the door and smiles at Keya . Keya  hugs her and mutters something that brings a smile on his Dadi′s face .

“Dadi , Mr. Oberoi   – your ex has sent wishes for you on your wedding day darling ” she says by extending a packet .

Turning her eyes towards  Karan , Keya hearts twists in pain and she feels restless .

OK Dadi , I  better leave now as I  see  you having a gala time with your grand son Karan , she says and runs out of their Villa  feeling heavy .

She wished to cry  but tears did not come out of her eyes  .The rain cascaded on her head when Keya feels Karan ′s lips on her neck .

Karan…, she moans his name in protest .But he  continues biting her neck  teasingly at first  ,then  passionately by making her cry in  want and   then she turns herself to see his him.On seeing Keya his hurted nerd   he feels something and pulls her towards him .Keya moans deeper as his warm fingers touch her bare back .

“I  am feeling guilty for my actions that day when you proposed me  Ms Nerd , Keya ” Karan feeling lighten by burden of guilt   says with remorse in his eyes.

“Ha ha … seriously Mr. Hulk  feels  guilty ” Keya says with mock by punching his chest .

Lying her head on his chest , she mutters something incoherent  .Wrapping his arms around her waist he thanks  grayed  hair women  by making a gesture towards   his Dadi who is watching  them from the living room window panel of their Villa   by reminisce  her love story with Karan ′s grand father .



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Karan′s grand father who sees this sight too  ,makes a  dirty noise to distract his wife Mansvi Pratap Oza . Mansvi who is watching their grandchildren′s romance feels frustrated with old man′s tanturm .  Shouting at very high decibel she  marches towards his room , after entering his room she feels thrilled to see him walking like a  king  of 18 th century .

Taking their blessing Karan and Keya start living together with their ultra romantic children Preeti and Veer  to this day where Karan still says “For you nerd , Ms Keya  Karan  Oza”

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And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely cool  batch   given below after writing  your story.

Character Visualization Exercise no 28 'For you nerd'
Character Visualization Exercise no 28 'For you nerd'


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