Vasu Kisses Meera with Love

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Destiny…inched closer by making Meera  look vulnerable at death .Death seemed to beckon her and she smiling accepted it with a warm smile .Bruising her hair strands from her face she takes a deep breath , patting her hands on her thighs she walks off to the kitchen to make something for herself .

Vasu feels lost and fights  with his soul with vengeance .Hearing the clatter of vessels , he goes towards the kitchen and shouts at Meera“What the hell are you doing  here rather than being with me ”.

Err…but I  am feeling quiet hungry and so I have started  preparing a small meal for myself here , “And if your going to serve me a bigger meal than this then I  am ready to give up on this preparation ” Meera playfully makes a statement and stares at him .

Vasu stares at her with  delightfully  sparks of hope in his eyes .Taking her to their bedroom , he drops tiny kisses on her lips until she asks for some more .Wrapping himself around her ,Vasu starts caressing her jaw line and nuzzling her  neck  by making her feel wanted and alive.Seeing his love for her in his eyes .Tears prickles down her eyes by wetting her moisten checks .Vasu rubs off the tears with his thumbs.

And while muttering some endearing words into her ears .Door bells rings by announcing his children Kiara and Tejas ′s  entry  with their respective weapons ie  a notepad , a painting kit and a stethoscope .

With Lots of Love,

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