Character Visualization no 29 : His Angel

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Stethoscope sister Ari ,Scissors sister hmm OK…. Dr. Maya please check the heart rate of the patient , he says as he performs a caesarean operation  on the patient ie. his wife Mrs.Roshini Seth .

Dr. Rohan the hearts rates are dropping down and we have less time to close her tummy after taking the tiny being out .

Hmm I see , “Accha…Maya why do you have to feel so sorry about everything that is happening  in our lives .You have snatched away and still snatching away me from this particular being who was and is still kind towards us especially you. Remember !  ” he states  while slowly removing the tiny thing out of her body .

Shut up ! Dr. Maya screams and resumes her work of stitching Roshini Seth ′s tummy with some soluble stitches .

Hmm…he looks at her sternly and leaves the operation theatre  by closing  the door hard  behind him with sister Arvi who is Kalbali enthusiast.

After a while  through intercom he instructs her  “Sister Arvi , after Dr. Maya leaves the operation theatre  please bring Ms Roshini out  of the OPD  room  ”

O.K. , sister nodes and does the needful .

Maya please sign these divorce papers as your services in my life are over and I  want to  put a full stop to your unneccessary rants against my Roshini .

Dr. Seth …err…ummm…….. she mumbled and left the signed papers there on his table .

And then he sits to pen a letter for forgiveness to his Roshini

Dear Ms Seth ,

My dear love ,

Please be patient as you are on the road to recovery from excessive bleeding after you have given me hope to live .I  divorced you long back after proposing to you in our college library in a filmy way .Even though every one admired , I  hated you because you were and are beautiful inside as well as outside . I  loved you and still love you . ‘The Dirty D ’should not have happened to us  as we are meant to be living a sexual and sinful life .And haan thanks for bring a tiny being into our lives .


Dr. Rohan Seth

Taking this letter towards  her  ward and giving it to her for reading .

Dr. Rohan lifts his angel with delight and smiles at  his wife with dark desire in it .Hmm.. ,sister Arvi enters her ward by making a terrible groaning noise .


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 Character Visualization no 29 : His Angel
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