Meera Weds Vasu Part 30

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Vasu ….smiles at Meera when madame strums the strings of her guitar with Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Tumse  a movie song  .Closing his eyes he feels her smile , touch of fingers caressing his hair through the music emitting from her guitar .Feeling  a lot tired from several business trips he just wants  to relax  with Meera by his side , but his  Meera madame  is really upset with his restless  travelling schedule . Slipping next to Vasu  she keeps her head on his shoulder and smiles to herself .

Sorry sweetheart , “I  have not purchase any special gift  to celebrate this day as ‘our  propose day’  ” Vasu says in a relaxed tone .

“What…what you still remain this day ” Meera enquires with surprise plastered  on her face .

Hugging and kissing his face  Meera extends their  shared video diary  towards him . Watching their shared video dairy , their eyes  feels sleepily and mind lives in euphoria  until the cooker filled with veggies  blows its 1st  whistle by  making them laugh a loud .


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