Character Visualization no 30 : His Aaradhana


“Aaradhana you look beautiful ” Simi says  with a excitement in her voice .

“ Oh yeah thank you , young lady ”Aaradhana says with sadistic smile .

Uff …Di Shut up will you ! Simi snapped her back .

“Yeah Yeah…OK  chill Simi dear, since you have come with o..u..r  family  wish me luck sweets  ” Aaradhana says with a mock .

What happened Di ?Simi enquires and sees Aunt Premila coming with a mean and victories smile .

Simi understands the situation in which her Aunt Premila put Aadaradhana  in  and squeezes her hand in understanding ,but …Aaradhana pulls her away and says “Simi , I  am the adopted black  child of this family of Virats  , you know and you must with me accordingly ” .

The love which I  have received from this family is like throwing a waste in trash can  stating this she leaves the green room with a frustrated look on her almond-shaped face 

Shocked to see her Di  in this condition   , Simi accuses  Aunt Premila in front of the auidence who are waiting  to see Aaradhana performing Bharatnathyam  .

Inder , Supriya and his mother are in state of shock and they  frantically start searching for Aadaradhana everywhere  but no where they could find her  .

As they reached their car Inder sees a note “Dear Virats ,

Thank you for telling me  the truth of ‘me being your adopted child’ otherwise I would  only feel  bad or inferior because I  am not like Simi .I  am only  a disgrace  to your family ”

Reading this letter Inder collapses and  is immediately  rushed to a nearby hospital where he is being treated .

Inder refuses to accept any kind of treatment and shouts

Aaradhana !



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Photo Source :

Aaradhana  on the other hand breaks herself into several pieces  by doing her crazy dance mudras which Simi tries to stop .

Finally Supriya hugging her daughter Aaradhana   looking towards her sister in law with percing gaze says “Premila , you have over and over tried to destroy my love for my husband and Aaradhana now you may go hell because of his Aaradhana  life has given you a second chance and it up  to you , how you  make use of this precious second chance   ”

And leaves Aaradhana dance studio with her daughters to see and bring back Inder home from the hospital  .

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Character Visualization no 30 : His Aaradhana
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